January 24, 2016

Log Books

I have had lots of time in the last couple years to re-read my log books.

My actual fishing days have been seriously limited due to knee and back problems so I reminisce in my long ago log books from time to time.

Everything and anything trout related is mentioned in the logs.

I did some connecting the dots recently.

May 16, 1991 I took a trout to the taxidermist.  There was also another older angler dropping off a giant female brown there. It was the biggest of his lifetime.  He was so excited he basically gave away the general location when I added 2 and 2 .

 General was not good enough.  I search/fished about 8 miles down stream of where I typically fish.  It was bigger water and temps were a little too warm for trout typically. My recon came up empty.  The note was made in the logs and saved for future reference. Note:  I have not mounted a trout in over 15 years.

About a month ago I was out wandering near the area mentioned in the 1991 log book and came upon a guy splinting some wood near the road. Our conversation quickly turned to trout fishing.  I asked permission to fish his land.

The owner gave permission freely and told me the story about the guy from the early 90s that caught a giant female brown on his water.  The guy even had it mounted.  A couple questions more and I deducted it was the guy from 1991 at the taxidermist shop. The old guy who caught the monster had passed away a couple years later.  The land owner told me that NO ONE had fished his stretch of water since then.

Big fish and no one fishing the stretch for a long time caused my Trout Radar to start sounding.  I promptly asked the landowner up and down stream of my new permission and scored a huge stretch of new water.

I got home and did some online searching.  The first thing I did was look for thermals.  This stretch was so far below designated trout water that the water ran kinda hot.

  Bingo there were the thermals I was looking for.  There were not just 1 or 2  thermals...There were 4 feeder streams and 2 large beaver dams and a couple swamps in the area.  The stretch had some awesome looking oxbows.

I have driven by the stretch about once a week since the log book search.  The area typically is iced over until late in the day.  When I do fish it I will need to wait until the water warms up and my knees and back are sturdy enough to hike a ways.  I will only take one trustworthy fishing partner with me that is good at keeping secrets.

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