January 21, 2016

Gill Lice Barrier

Crawford county is my home water.  I have fished the county for 54 years.  About 15 years ago the scourge Gill Lice appeared in my streams.

I have been doing an unscientific survey of my streams since then.

All streams below the dam in Gays Mills are riddled with gill lice.  The numbers of brook trout have significantly decreased in the last five years in any stream that enters the Kickapoo River below the dam in Gays Mills. 

 There is one exception and that stream has high numbers of infested brook trout due to a local sportsman's club stocking healthy brook trout on TOP of infested ones.  The sportsman's club stocks the trout where they are told.  The DNR picks where the brook trout are to stocked.

All the streams in Crawford County above the dam are gill lice free.

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