October 31, 2015

The Trout Angler's Edge

Was skunked the first few times I fished this stretch.  It is non-designated water and a little on the warm side in summer.

The big arrow points at a small trickle coming into the stream.  You can not see it when the grass is high.

Both of these trout were caught there in early season.  The water is cold typically this time of the year.

That trickle makes the stream considerably warmer in early season.  It is a trout magnet during cold and warm conditions.

SCOUT during early season.

 Small trickle feeds in here.

It had his nose in the trickle opening morning.

October 30, 2015

The Trout Angler's Edge

When fishing in early season Wisconsin you need to think stream temperatures.  Fast water typically means no trout in cold water.

They need to expend too much energy to hold in place in fast water. 

Andy and I had mapped the bottom the year prior in this hole.  There were a couple of deep bellies in this hole that trout could lay in and stay out of the fast current.

Lots of folks tell you to stay out of the holes after you fish them.  I am quite the opposite.  I do recon for the next trips.  I do a fast cursory check for future trips.

October 29, 2015

The Trout Angler's Edge

It was 90 degrees out.

This spring temp was 42 degrees.

It was 22 degrees out.

The spring temp was 40 degrees.

Are you understanding what I am saying here?

Odd and ends

StreamOfTime_photos's mishmash album on Photobucket

October 28, 2015

WISC-TV3 Weather Forecast Backgrounds

Some of my weather photos will be used as backgrounds in WISC-TV3 weather forecasts.


October 26, 2015

Luca Baccellini's wild trout of a lifetime "Salmo Macrostigma" Italy

It is a species of salmonid very old, a native of the Mediterranean basin and which nowadays is almost extinct. It survives only in a very few rivers in central and southern Italy that can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

In Tuscany there is a group of that salmonid who works for reintroduction project in that water where it is supposed to be ages ago.

Luca fished it in a river ciprinids and it was a real surprise, the trout of my life, and what's more a macrostigma.

2750g and 59cm long.  6.06 pounds 23.2 inches

Caught on a night crawler.


October 25, 2015

The Trout Angler's Edge

Springs run a constant 40-42 degrees year round.  Target streams in early season with lots of springs.