October 17, 2015

The Trout Angler's Edge

The thermal or spring empties in 30 yards upstream. This hole is deep and the current is slow. This is a perfect wintering hole.

The Trout Angler's Edge

Early season means targeting thermals.  Find where springs feed into the stream and you will be rewarded.

I Love It

When jealous folks complain about me recycling photos of big trout from the past.
I translate their statement to blah....blah...jealous...blah...blah...jealous.

October 16, 2015

On The Horizon

You sit there and enjoy day turning into night.

The clouds cradle the mountain.

The lights turn on way up on the mountain.

Who lives up there?

Your imagination does for the rest of your life.

Europe 2015

Added a few photos to the slideshow

StreamOfTime_photos's Europe15 album on Photobucket

The Trout Angler's Edge

Which one of these streams might appear in a well known fishing magazine as a destination piece? Is there any question on where I would recommend you fish?

October 15, 2015

Tower Hill State Park Spring Green Wisconsin

We have been together for 31 years.  I still ask myself how I got such a wonderful and beautiful wife.

October 14, 2015

Windows From Vacation

Seafood in window in Venice

Our balcony and window of our room in Venice

Window seat in Salzburg Castle

Salzburg Castle window

Looking out barracks window at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Best Memory Of Vacation

The wife and I talked the other night about our vacation.

 Eating lunch in Gstadt.

She asked me what my favorite memory and meal was from vacation.

We both agreed Gstadt was our favorite town.

 Our supper the night we arrived in Gstadt. We shared it on our balcony.  All purchased at a local grocery store for under 6 euros.

It was an unplanned pit stop.

Our view off our balcony.

It was a tiny town just like we were both brought up in.

We had a comfortable feeling there.

Breakfast in Gstadt Germany.  Gstadt is located on Chimsee on the foothills of the alps.

 Our room in Gstadt.

October 12, 2015

Odds and Ends

Wally Banfi Guide Service

Wally Banfi Guide Service

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