September 26, 2015

Venice Goes To Sleep

The view from our rooftop terrace the last night in Venice.  My last day ever in Italy.  Onward to Garmisch the next day.

September 24, 2015

Trout Fishing In Italy

 Luca Baccellini

He hails from Donoratico Italy

Luca's Home

 Above photos of Luca are from his recent trip to US.

Italian fish and waters:

His biggest brown 45cm.
18 inches

 Grayling 42cm.
16.5 inches

Usually in streams of his zone big browns are between 20 and 40 cms

They are very small places and totally different from your ones in Wisconsin.

He fishes the northern Italian streams for grayling and browns.
The streams in the north run colder typically due to glacial runoff.

Below are some of his streams he frequents near his home.

You can fish in trout category water from late February to late September.

You can take usually 6 trouts of 22/26cm.
"8 to 10 inches"

There also are spinning and flyfishing only waters.
In Italy there are 4 types of trouts: brown, lake trout, salmo marmoratus and salmo macrostigma.

Luca also bass fishes in Italy.

Water he bass fishes.

The below browns are from close to Luca's home.

September 23, 2015

Little Cousins

Never too young to learn how to cast.

The Dudgeon Boyz.  4 and 2 years old.

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September 22, 2015

From Pisa Italy To The Heart Of The Driftless

 Luca Baccellini scored a massive rainbow this morning with a tip from me. He is here visiting his girlfriend who is studying in Madison. Luca is from Pisa, Italy.
 He returns home tomorrow.

All were caught and released in the "Heart" of the Wisconsin Driftless Area.

I also gave him the skinny on good places to brook and brown trout fish.