August 19, 2015

August 17, 2015

Chris Young Photo

I really love Chris' photo of my second favorite brookie stream.

The way it meanders through the pasture is soothing and typical of a wild stream in the heart of the driftless area.

This is where I call home.


Troutrageous Tenkara

I have been following a friend's blog for quite some time.


His newest method of trout fishing intrigues me. The stealth required for this up close and personal type of fishing is what piqued my interest.

Mike came to my neck of the woods this year and fished the "Trout Theme Parks" in Vernon County. 

He had success in the WDNR homogenized petting zoos.

I have invited Mike to fish a couple smaller waterways in 2016 with me up here in the "Heart Of The Driftless."

 This stream is small and in a pasture with some weed growth.  This is head water and almost always gin clear.  The browns love the under cuts and drop pockets.

 I plan on taking him to my favorite brookie water.  This is a little more tight of water.

I am sure Mike will be up to the task.  He will get a taste of the wild driftless and will be penciling in a return trip here yearly afterwards.