July 10, 2015

Navy Bean Soup

Navy beans, salt, pepper,onions and garlic.
4 smoked pork chops.
slowed cooked all day.


Definition of kype in English:


A hook formed on the lower jaw of adult male salmon and trout during the breeding season.
  • The largest male is dominant and defends his territory by charging the smaller ones, using his kype to nip them.

I took these photos. I did NOT catch either. I neither condone nor reject the angler's right to harvest such large male small stream trout. He was well within his right to keep these two brutes. Was he right in his harvest? This thread is a thought provoking collage.

July 08, 2015

July 07, 2015


2016 Season opens January 01, 2016.  The rules are simple at first.  You can't keep any trout until May 01.  Then is when the rules get a little cumbersome.  I strongly urge trout anglers to familiarize themselves with the new and "improved" trout regulations for 2016.

July 06, 2015

Will Be In Venice Two Months From Today

Being in Venice in two months prompted me to make one of my favorite Italian dishes. Clams in a white sauce with fettuccine and a side of french cut green beans. Of course washed down with a fine german lager