June 13, 2015


Today is my birthday.

I look back on my life often.

Many of my choices through life have been poor and some were down right stupid.

My job choices through life were questionable at best.

My only solid and non-regrettable choice was marrying my Barb.

Thank you my sweetheart.

June 11, 2015

A Father's Day Wish

Anyone Can Create A Child.  It Takes A Special Man To Be A Father.

I received this email on April 01, 2015.

Mr. Harris,

This is probably an unusual request but perhaps you get many.  I am hoping you would be kind enough to sign two of your books for two men in my life in honor of their father.

On March 3, my father-in-law suffered a massive stroke.  He was not able to recover from the brain damage and was able to communicate through signals that he wanted his family to let him pass on.  Which we did.

 He was 68 years old and full of life and outdoor adventures (including fishing for trout at his rural farm) until the end.  He was a very special man to many, young and old and especially to his sons.  And his boys were a great source of pride for him.  One is an attorney and youth sports coach here and the other is an officer in the Coast Guard working at the Pentagon, soon to retire at 20 years. They are very upstanding men who do their best to emulate their fathers ways and his unexpected death has been crushing.

When he had his stroke, he was ambulanced to the hospital and his clothes were sent home with me for washing.  And perhaps repairing since the cut through his favorite flannel shirt!  Aghast!

 When I cleaned his jean pockets there was only a yellow sticky note in there.  In his handwriting it said "Len Harris Stream of Time."  I'm not certain if he read your blog or someone told him about you or if he planned to buy your book, but you were on his mind shortly before he became incapacitated.  He was a thinking man so I wasn't surprised he had interest in you when I read your blog.

On Father's Day, we plan to meet at the farm in Cazenovia to bury some of his ashes and I'd like to gift his sons with your books and tell them the significance.  At this time, I am the only one who knows of you and his note.  Please let me know if you would be willing to assist and how we can arrange this.  It would truly be a touching gift for all.  Feel free to google the obituary to learn more about his life.

Thank you for your consideration.
Loving daughter-in-law


When I received this email I had to do some thinking.  I googled the obituary and it came back to me.  The second I saw the photo in there it dawned upon me.  The huge smile and love of life and the outdoors shone through.

There was the face of the man I had spoken with after I presented at the Madison Fishing Expo on March 01.  He approached me and asked me if I was interested in speaking in the Madison area about trout in schools and at some boys and girls clubs.  He thought Trout Unlimited would be a good resource and maybe they would help with presentations also.

 He told me he would contact Trout Unlimited and get back with me about it.  He needed some contact information so I supplied my blog's name and told him my email address was on there.  He borrowed a pen and a sticky note from the next speaker and wrote down my name and my blog's name.  He was very enthusiastic about the subject and we shook hands in parting.  As he left I thought to myself :  "There is a good man."

It was April 1st and I had just read the email and obituary.  I was reeling a little.  My father was just like him.  He left way too early and loved the outdoors. 

I called the daughter-in-law.  I told her about the meeting at the expo.  She was not surprised at what her dad was trying to get going.  I shipped out 2 books each for the sons the same day.


My Father's Day wish is: 

 All you outdoorsy folks out there please when you consider a gift to give to a young loved one...please give them a nice rod and reel instead of that cellphone or computer game.  Along with that rod and reel promise them that you will take them fishing.

June 08, 2015

Walk In Town Today

Trying to build up my legs and stamina and also trying to lose a some weight.

Found these two photo worthy flowers while out.

Bleeding Hearts
Nelly Moser