May 15, 2015

Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. Richland County TR

Hit the water 7am this morning with Mike and Mike Paluda.

 They were both fishing pink squirrels

Mike Sr caught 18 browns.

Mike Jr landed 18 browns.

I batted clean up and landed a dozen.

Mike Sr hooked a big leatherback turtle that was camera shy.

May 13, 2015

May 12, 2015


My friend Sam Delventhal was out 8 hours today searching for morels. Sam scored 12 pounds.  He stopped by to give me a pound tonight.  The going rate at the local gas stations is 20 dollars a pound.  The gas stations sell them for 25-28 pounds.  This is quite normal until the Morel Mushroom Days are finished this weekend in Muscoda. I have seen them going for 30-35 dollars a pound at the Madison Farmer's Market.  Sam says there is about 10 more days of morel hunting left.


May 11, 2015

Went Out For 20 Minutes

Wanted to catch a limit for the grill tonight.

Second cast.

10th 20 incher of year.

Caught 2 more and went home.

Trout and morels for supper.

May 10, 2015