May 09, 2015

Small Stream Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin has 4 different species of trout in their streams.  The only trout native is a Brook Trout and they actually are a member of the Char family.  The others are European transplants, out west invaders and mutants.

Home Waters

Kickapoo On Fire

The opening week of inland waters opener on the Kickapoo River in Gays Mills has been wild.

I have been there 5 days through opening week and these are a couple examples of the great success anglers are having there.

May 08, 2015

Love To Fish

TR 5/8/15

Fished below the dam in Gays Mills this morning.  The carp and sucker anglers were really catching fish about every 2 minutes.

I was throwing a variety of baits for pike and walleye.  I landed 9 small pike that weren't worthy of a photo and 1 smallie too small for a photo.

Did land a decent walleye with a net assist from Dave George.

TR 5/7/15

Sam Delventhal and I fished Richland County.  Sam landed 25 and I landed 12.

We were throwing panther martins and we both took home a limit.

May 07, 2015

Back To Chasing Trout

I have been chasing Pike at the dam in Gays Mills as of late.  I put trout on the back burner.

If the weather allows it I will be chasing trout this afternoon.

May 05, 2015

Max Kinney Opener

Max was fishing the Wisconsin River over opening weekend.

The smallie action was outstanding.

May 03, 2015