May 01, 2015

Opener Frenzy

Will wait until the masses leave the streams.  I dislike elbow to elbow trout and pike fishing.
The village opened the flood gate at the dam for a week.  It was supposed to be closed today.  At noon it was still open and the pike and eyes will be shoved downstream.  Opener weekend will be a bust at the dam.

In Depth Outdoors May 2015 E-magazine

April 29, 2015

Same Rainbow. Same Hole

Niall McCarthy back in 2008.  Decent rainbow.

Coach Bobby Knight back in 2008.  2 weeks later.  Same hole and same bow.

Female Brown Trout

When trout are young it is hard to tell the difference on gender.

You are guessing most times on gender unless there is a kype.

The lack of kype in an older and longer fish is an indicator of a female trout also.  The distance between the eye and the tip of the upper jaws usually is shorter in females.

Guesses at female brown.

April 28, 2015

Photo Of The Day

Male browns develop kypes when older.  A kype is the hooked part of the lower jaw.

April 27, 2015

Trent Bohacz From Gary Borger TU Chapter Had Sucessful Weekend


Again, thanks so much for the tips. We made the drive up to Richland County on Saturday morning and caught around 30 fish between the 3 of us in a little over 2 hours. All of them came on Mepps and Rooster Tails run slow and deep in the holes. We didn’t run in to any other anglers, possible due to the cool weather. We spent the rest of the time down south of the Wisconsin River.  Hatch activity was light but we caught a lot of fish sub-surface. The big fish of the weekend, a 17”   on a bead head pheasant tail.

Thanks again and good fishing!


Chris Young

Gays Mills Spring Folks Festival

The Debate Continues

House On The Rock

Wife and daughter made their yearly trip to House On The Rock Sunday