April 17, 2015

Really Looking Forward To Pike Season

My recent surgeries have really limited my endurance to trout fish.

Typically the next morning after a short trout outing my knee is swollen and my back feels like I was in a car accident.  It takes the minimum of 2 days to recover.

Pike fishing is much less stressful.

April 16, 2015


Every time I go there I over spend.

Today was not different.

The ammo section sucked me into it.

I decided my Alaskan needed some new ammo.

I added some 300 grain hollow points.

Replenished Pike and Walleye Tackle Box

 Scads of stick baits
 Rattletraps and cleos always.  Added some blades
 Found a suick I liked.
 These baby perch looked killer
Last year I had a massive pike straighten out my jighead on a plastic.  NOT gonna happen this year.

Gobble...Gooble..By Dan Infalt

Went out yesterday and found a couple birds...  One was at my buddy Daves farm. I told Dave I would meet him there at 4:30  when he got off of work...  At 3:30 I went behind the house to kill a half hour and called in two different groups of 2 hens...  Met Dan and we went to the spot where I saw the tom the night before... 

  I started calling and almost instantly had 3 hens run in... They walked right thru our set up and down the hill.. I called them back up the hill into our laps and past us playing around. Then they started getting spooky and kept going that way... Then the gobbler answered from that direction and I new I would regret calling the hens back and spooking them.

  As soon as the hens entered a large bean field and joined the tom he stopped gobbling and followed them around...  I moved closer and called a few times and it was obvious the hens were not coming near us again...  But, I had confidence that they were not interested in romance and old Tommy would get bored with them...

  They wandered across the large bean field and into the next farm over about 500 yards away. I just called enough to remind him that I was over here and more in the mood than his current companions...  After about 15 minutes he emerged alone and started heading straight for me...

   I had no front cover so I had to be motionless which was hard cause there were ticks crawling all over me...  When he got close I had one crawl up my face and start trying tho crawl across my left eye...  I started blinking real fast under my head net trying to get him off my eye, which eventually worked, but then he crawled in my ear, and that was probably worse than the eye...  Hard to say, but I did stay lock solid still even with the ear tick and another somewhere in my lower regions...

  I let him get as close as he would and he started getting buggy at about 40 yards so I popped him...  I self filmed the whole hunt, but have not looked at the footage yet...  I ran a hat cam and a camcorder on a tripod.

April 14, 2015

TR 4/14/2015 Richland County

9 Browns to hand and 4 brookies.

Stream typically does not have brookies due to warm water temps in summer.  The fish manager must be wasting our resources again and planting brookies where they won't survive. No gill lice


Geese mate for life.  They do so in the second year of their lives. They will mate again if their partner dies.  They are very loyal and will stay with an injured partner until it dies even if the larger group migrates. Their range is from Manitoba to Kentucky.

They remain in flocks most of the year.  The only time they split from their flock is to mate. Geese can fly a long distance when migrating.  They have been measured flying 1,500 miles in just 24 hour.

Canada Geese are large birds and stand 20 to 50 inches long with a wingspan of 50-68 inches. Adult female Canada geese average about 11 pounds. Adult males average about 12 pounds. There have been up to 16 pound birds harvested in the Midwest. Geese are herbivores. Their lifespan is 10-25 years.

The female picks the nest site and builds the nest.  Nests are typical near water on a slightly raised area  Each egg takes a little over a day to lay. The females lays typically 5-12 eggs.  The gestation period is 28 to 30 days. Both the female and male protect the eggs and the young.  If their eggs are destroyed by high water or predators the goose will re-nest close to the original nest site and lay more eggs.  The photo of the nest was taken today.

Geese have some natural enemies.  Eagles and hawks are know to eat goslings.  Humans are their most well known natural enemy.  Swans and geese hate one another. Goslings are able to walk and swim within 24 hours of birth.  They are sometimes eaten by pike and muskies when little. Goslings will dive underwater to avoid predators. At nine to ten weeks old they have all of their needed plumage to fly.

Geese find golf courses to be prime nesting areas.  They have run ins with golfers quite often.  The geese can be ferocious guardians of their nests. Goose scat can be a serious problem on a golf course. 

 Their nests are found on trout streams often in Wisconsin. The female bird will challenge anglers and sometimes enter the water and fake an injury to attract anglers and predators away from the nest.  The nest is big but not deep.  It is lined with small sticks and pin feathers. 

Geese fly in the famous V pattern when returning north or flying south for the winter.  The migration patterns have fluctuated lately and some geese just don't bother migrating if they have found a suitable home base.

April 13, 2015

Chicken Spaetzel Soup

 Parsley/Baby Spinach/Carrots/Celery
 Three teaspoons minced garlic/Two small diced yellow onions
80 ounces chicken broth.  Slow cook stock.

Dark meat chicken is baking.  I will de-bone and add later along with spaetzel.