March 21, 2015

Water Levels Way Down In Wisconsin Driftless

With a dry spring forecast the streams/inhabitants will suffer this year.

Brook trout populations are way down in the area due to many factors.

Some streams are missing 2-3 year classes of brookies.

I see the brookie population declining ever more.

March 20, 2015

Spanked Them Today On Non-Designated Water

Have not fished this waterway in 3 years due to back and knee pain.  Fished it today with a break every 10 minutes.

The trout have moved out of their wintering holes and were in sunny runs behind logs that broke up the surface.  I caught 5 trout in the photo above.

nothing giant to hand today but the action was furious.  I had three following on one retrieve once.  I lifted up to avoid hook ups on numerous occasions at shore.

 I quit counting at 50 browns and 1 brookie.  I fished for 45 more minutes after the 50 mark.
Lost a behemoth female brown at shore.  I had no waders on and wet waded trying to land her.

March 19, 2015

2 of the 3 were caught in the same waterway

Which of the three was caught in a different stream?

March 18, 2015

Sam And April

Went with Sam and his daughter last week.  Sam caught 18 about this size.

Sam's daughter April landed this one brown.

TR Richland County

12 browns to hand

first decent trout of year.

Ultimate Outdoors Radio This Saturday!

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I will be talking about my new book and trout in Wisconsin Driftless Area.

Max Kinney Scores Sweet Brown

Max caught this brown under the bridge by the old community center. He measured the fish at 19 inches. He caught the brown on a golden rooster tail spinner.

March 17, 2015

Back Specialist

Waiting on referral from my general doctor this morning.

Numbness In Thighs

Getting old is not for the meek.

March 15, 2015

Back and Knee Problems

Looks like another limited year.

My knee has swollen each time I have went out.

My three other discs that are impaired have acted up each time.

Sure glad pike opens in May and there are benches to sit on.