March 12, 2015

Someday Your Story Will Be Told

This morning I was gearing up to go fishing.  It was still dark and cold.  I turned the smallest light on in the house so I wouldn't wake my family.  The morning light was not bright but the tiny light shined quite brightly on me and I evaluated myself and my gear..

When I looked at my gloves, I thought they were terribly inadequate with all their holes and wear marks.  The light bulb in my head went on.  I was just like my gloves.

Fifty years of fishing in the driftless area has a way of wearing your equipment out and indirectly wearing you out. My recent surgeries have had me feeling just like that worn and tattered glove.

I still look on the horizon and think about the next big trout.  I may be tattered and worn but I can still dream.

Really Sick Of Winter

March 10, 2015

Will Be 66 Degrees On Friday!!!

66 forecast for friday. Have all i need for a big batch of gumbo. no tentacles

Just bought some brats and hotdogs too.

March 09, 2015

Me Sharing Has Benefits

Buddy emailed me about nice fish in a very small stream he found.  I sent him to the stream.

There is a fairly large fish in the big beaver pond right below the bridge.  Had him follow 2 different streamers.  Probably "18-21"
 Sharing info has its benefits

Omaha Trail

Wife did some hiking over the weekend

March 08, 2015

TR Sunday Opener 15

Wife and I took a short drive this afternoon.

11 browns to hand in 1 hour.

Used deep diving lures.  Zip lure and deep diving shad rap.

Water temps dove 6 degrees while I was there.  Run off  from snow melting.