February 13, 2015

Wooly Bugger

fished properly they can kick some serious trout butt!~!

All the below were caught on version or another of a bugger.

February 12, 2015

Presentations At Schools Again In 2015

I will be out and about preaching "Trout Fishing" to the local youth in 2015.

February 11, 2015

Using Worms For Small Stream Trout

The WDNR doesn't allow live bait during early season.  I haven't used worms since I was a kid.  The trout world demonizes worms.  I hear mortality is high and they are made almost taboo.

 The above trout was caught under that log jam in the photo.  The worm was fished downstream actively. Meaning setting the hook on the first bite.  The trout was hooked on the top jaw and no where near the back.  The trout was released unharmed.

My buddy Ted fishes with worms sometimes.  He has zero problems with mortality.  He fishes worms actively.  He says the key is to set the hook immediately when there is a change in his float.  Yes Ted uses a bobber.  This is another demonized object in the trout catch and release world.

I am going to use worms and a bobber in 2015.  I have found the ones demonizing them in the c/r world are flawed in their hate for this method.  I have even heard the haters say worms are for the infirm and old or for little kids.

Scott Blumreich is a worm angler and does quite well with them.

February 10, 2015


The kype actually fit right into a slot in its upper jam.

Targeting Large Trout At Madison Fishing Expo

Speaking Times:

Saturday - February 28, 2015
12:30pm Room B 

Sunday - March 1, 2015
Noon Room A 

The Madison Fishing Expo is held annually at:
The Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center
(across from the Dane County Coliseum)
1881 Expo Mall East
Madison, Wisconsin 53713

February 09, 2015

Madison Fishing Expo Trout Tackle Box Give Away

Decided to do something different at the Madison Fishing Expo. I am going to give a small trout tackle box with lures to a kid in the crowd on Saturday and Sunday after my seminar. Panther Martin has donated spinners for the box and so will Mepps. I plan on getting a zip lure and countdown rapala to even out the box. Midwest Outdoors supplied the boxes.

Madison Fishing Expo

Little Ones