February 07, 2015

Just Drop The Rod And No One Will Get Hurt

It is less than a month to trout opener.  Many patient Wisconsin trout anglers are raring to go.  Opening day is March 07 at first light.

Just be on your way.  There is nothing here to see.

February 05, 2015


Where to fish opening day?
My recent choices in early season have been year round catch and release only water.  Petting zoos.
Most year round catch and release water is an artificial environment and natural reproduction is almost zero.

I dislike catch and release year round regulations.
My daughter's biggest trout to date was caught in early season on water that is normal in May.  It irked me to no end explaining to my daughter why we were letting go an almost certainly dead fish.

Pretty sure my opener weekend will be spent at year round petting zoos.

February 03, 2015


A gathering of trout anglers.

Robb Park
Gays Mills,WI

Campsites there and park is on Kickapoo River

May 16th 

Click above link for further information on facebook.

If trout get slow enjoy yourself at the dam there.

Morels should be out also then. 

Two bars and two places to eat with 70 yards of the park

 I have been a staff writer and photographer for Midwest Outdoors Magazine for 8 years.  Good possibility of making the magazine with a good catch.

Preparing Myself For Season

I have been trying to improve my endurance and walking some.
I had fusion done at L4/5 due to pain and numbness in my left thigh.  With my walking I have discovered that the numbness still appears.  The other 3 degenerative discs in my back flare up and it is hard to sleep through the night.
My micro-fracture surgery was a failure.  This is the same surgery that Jadavian Clowney had in the off season.  I expect his to fail just like mine did.
My left knee was replaced in 2014. I have no knee pain now but we will see how long that lasts in the early season crawling up and down ice and snow covered banks.

Seven years ago I was out about 100 times a season trout fishing.  Last year I made it out 4 times and was in terrible pain each time.
Nice trout from the 4th and final outing of 2014.

If any of you are looking for the Len of old in 2015; I must sadly say that train has lost the station.

My sights are set for 20 or more outings this year.

February 02, 2015

Barb Harris Gets Photo In New Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

Barb is becoming quite the photographer.

Think Thermals For Wisconsin Opener

This spring goes into the stream in the middle of Summer at about 40 degrees.

This spring goes in to the stream at about 40 degrees in the dead of winter.
Even if it is -30 degrees this spring still comes out at about 40 degrees.
I think you have a clue what I am talking about now.

February 01, 2015

Want To Catch Big Trout?

It certainly won't be on over groomed petting zoos.

Get in there and get dirty and wet.

Throw right in to those messes.

Think out of the box.

Explore new areas.  Don't be lazy.