December 05, 2015

Ruins Found While Hiking

working on my endurance for trout fishing.  wife and I went for a short hike today.


  1. I'm always fascinated with ruins of a home like this. Who were they, who built this, where did the stone come from........etc, etc, seems like the place is gone, but the story is not yet told. Anyway, Len I loaded the truck. I'm going trout fishing on the Lehigh River tomorrow. Your posts about cold weather trout got me going.

  2. Len, I struck out today. It was 19 Fahrenheit when I got there this morning freezing my guides and reel. I fished all my honey holes, without so much as a pull. I'm looking forward to April 2nd, when the season opens again. In the winter, I'm going to read your blog every day.......and dream.