December 15, 2015

Gully Washer And Effect On Trout

Here in the heart of Wisconsin's driftless area we were just slammed with a large rain event in the last few days.

Some of the streams in Crawford/Vernon/Richland got over 5 inches in 3 days.

The timing of the rain will really effect the redds or eggs of this spawning cycle. They were probably washed away before they could finish their cycle.

I believe we lost an entire age class with this large rain event.

Secondarily the rain came before the manure the farmers spread on their field just before and after deer hunting got a chance to leach into the ground and most of it ended up in the trout streams.  Manure runoff can be deadly to trout.

weather caused this anomaly not farmers preforming chores that are required to run a farm.  I am in no way faulting farmers

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