November 17, 2015


I was raining and gloomy today and I had cabin fever so I went out to scout and maybe get some new permission to trout fish.

I was scanning way down in the bottoms at a stream that I typically fish about 7 miles upstream.  It was undesignated water and looked like it had some serious potential.

The rain started to get harder and I turned around to go home when it happened.

My car's window was dotted by rain and it was hard to see out of it.  Something large and hairy was right there along side my car.  I couldn't see it well because of the rain obscuring my view through my window.

I was freaked out at first.  It had 2 pairs of horns and a brindle color with long wavy fur.  The big pair of horns was up in the air at about as tall as a typical tall adult would stand.

My imagination got the best of me for a couple seconds.  My mind raced.

I stopped the car and grabbed for my camera.  I flailed at getting it out.  I rolled down the window and tried to take a photo of what I was seeing not 10 feet from the road.

It all ended before I could get a photo. I sat there for 10 minutes hoping to get another chance to get a photo.  I finally left after it was obvious it wasn't going to happen again.  I was feeling a little embarrassed too.

The furry creature with the the giant horns standing on its back legs and lurching violently was nothing more than a bull doing what nature told him to do.

They both smoked a cigarette and moved on.

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