February 05, 2015


Where to fish opening day?
My recent choices in early season have been year round catch and release only water.  Petting zoos.
Most year round catch and release water is an artificial environment and natural reproduction is almost zero.

I dislike catch and release year round regulations.
My daughter's biggest trout to date was caught in early season on water that is normal in May.  It irked me to no end explaining to my daughter why we were letting go an almost certainly dead fish.

Pretty sure my opener weekend will be spent at year round petting zoos.


  1. aren't most catch and release only areas because there _is_ a lot of natural reproduction? I can think of a few spots at any rate...

  2. some places but most c/r only streams in richland county are poor producers. Crawford has hardly any streams that are stocked. Crawford and richland are my homewaters....can't speak for other counties.