January 30, 2015

Common Mistakes

Fishing a hole that you had luck in last fall in early season.
The water is too cold for trout to hold in and it is also too fast.
Trout won't hold in fast shallow water in spring.  They expend
too much energy doing this.

Dropping your fly or lure right in the sweet spot is bad.  You need to cast above your primary lay so trout are not spooked by dropping it right on their heads.
Casting down stream at the head of the hole.  Fight the need to look and see what is up there.
Forgetting to fish the shallow edges.  Shallow streams have limited hides and the big smart trout love to tuck up under the banks and weeds laying in the water.
Wading too quickly and kicking a wake ahead of you.  It is like shouting at the fish...Here I come!!!!!
Standing on top of beaver dams is a no no.  Your silhouette on the water is enough to scare trout for 100 yards.  Also crawling up on dams is noisy.
 Many trout have been spooked by your movement or silhouette.  Get down and crawl if you have a sweet spot.
 Small streams do not always mean small trout.
Stay out of the water and in the shadows if you can.
 Trout have no eye lids and will shun sunny runs during the middle of the day.  They will actually changes sides of the stream when the sun changes directions.
 You take a local guide to one of your sweet spots with the promise he will never take clients there and you find him there 2 days later with 4 cars full of other guides and he says he kept his promise when confronted.

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  1. Excellent post Len! "Oh .. NO! that good-friend-guide would NEVER betray me like that! Noooo.", says the local PFR (Pollyanic Fisherman Reader) And for this reason .. we continue to see good spots over-fished. As the infamous line of one of the current NPR Advertisers... oh!, sorry, SPONSORS ... says... 'You cannot hook what you cannot see." ... Well they say, 'hack', but it all semantic .. right? How many days until Opener? :P B|