December 12, 2014

Our Wisconsin Magazine Hardcover Best Of First Two Years

Page 12 and 111 are my contributions.

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Our Wisconsin Magazine

December 08, 2014

December 07, 2014

Monster's Lair

Each photo in this post has or had a monster brown in it.  Some of the holes the trout might actually live in and others are transitional housing.

Does she live here or was it a temporary holding spot?  How would you fish it and with what?

I will tell you this a year round home for her.  Any guesses why she made this hole home?  How would you fish it?

Does he live here year round?  How would you fish this hole with the current conditions and where are the primary lays?

Is this stretch a home for a monster?  Could it be a transitional stretch?  Are there conditions here that make this a less attractive place for a monster?

Monster in here?  How would you fish it?