November 24, 2014

Madison Fishing Expo Speaker Schedule

Speaker schedule for the 2015 show

Friday Night
6:00 pm room  (A)             Gary Engberg/Tony Puccio – Early River Walleyes    

7:00 pm room  (B)             Adam Oberfoell – High Tech Muskies

Saturday                                                                                         Sunday                                                                                     
10:00 am room  (A)  Ron Barefield –                                         9:30  (A)  Theresa Meade -
Lake Mendota Smallmouth Tactics                                            Walleye Rigging and Jigging Techniques         
10:30 am room  (C)  Greg Fitch –                                               10:00 (C)  Greg Fitch -
Sonar joins Ethernet – the new Frontier                                   Sonar joins Ethernet – The new Frontier
11:30 am room  (A)  Terry Frey -                                                10:30 (B)Tony Roach -
Dissecting Walleyes on the Wi. And Miss. River Systems        Gearing Up for Spring Walleyes
12:00 pm room  (C)  James Lindner/ Jeremy Smith                  11:30 (C)  James Lindner/ Jeremy Smith -
Musky Seminar                                                                           Musky Seminar
12:30 pm room  (B)  Len Harris -                                                12:00  (A)  Len Harris -
Targeting Large Trout                                                                 Targeting Large Trout
1:00 pm room  (A)  Duffy Kopf -                                                 12:30  (B)  Duffy Kopf -
Lake Mendota N. Pike (summer and fall)                                  Fishing  a Swim Jig
1:30 pm room  (C)  Tommy Skarlis -                                           1:00  (C)Tommy Skarlis -
Awesome Walleye Tactics                                                          Awesome Crappie Tactics
2:00 pm room  (B) Kurt Schultz -                                               1:30  (A)  Terry Frey -
Locating Muskies                                                                        Dissecting Walleyes on Wi. And Miss. River Systems
2:30 pm room  (A)  Theresa Meade -                                         2:00  (B)  Kurt Schultz -
Women and Fishing                                                                    Wisconsin River Muskies
Saturday                                                                                      Sunday                                                                         

3:00 pm room  (C)  Barry Morrow -                                                         2:30  (C)  Barry Morrow -
Catching Crappies Fall and Winter                                            Catching Crappies Spring and Summer
4:00 pm room  (B)  Tony Roach -                                               3:00  (A)  Ron Barefield -
Hot New Walleye Tactics for 2015                                             Fishing the Wisconsin River
5:00 pm room  (C)  Adam Oberfoell -                                       
High Tech Muskies

Room (D) Fishing basics – Greg Karch  10:00 & 2:00                 Room (D) Fishing Basics – Greg Karch 10:00 & 2:00

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