August 29, 2014

WRCO Live Interview Wednesday September 3rd At 9:10am

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WRCO Morning Show

I will be on the Morning Show live with Ron Fruit discussing my new book "Brigadoon Creek"

Brigadoon Creek

August 28, 2014

WDNR Trout Rules Final Meeing

This is what I gleaned from an email I just got from the WDNR:

 The proposal also creates uniformity on streams within small geographic areas.

This is the door opening wide to make any stream with intermittent c/r only regulation into complete entire streams being made C/R and artificial only year round.

My WDNR person tells me that c/r only water will nearly double because of the simplification drive.  This is code for the c/r fanatics doing an end run.  

I will not waste my time going to any of these meetings.

Dan Small Radio Interview

Dan Small Interview
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Brigadoon Creek

browns and brookies

August 26, 2014

4 to 6 weeks stairs

Went to PT yesterday and was re-introduced to stairs.  I thought I have been making some serious progress lately.
 I was humbled by my lack of strength going up the stairs.
This tells me that getting back on the streams this year is not going to happen.

I guess this old smelly trout angler will have to settle for being a pike angler for the rest of 2014.