August 15, 2014

Fought Like A Much Bigger Fish

This was a very memorable trout. It fought like a giant and took off lots of drag. When I saw its head I was happy with the wide big head but it was about 5 inches shorter than I thought it was. It was obviously a cannibal and quit eating bugs long ago. It also did not like its photo taken.

August 14, 2014

Brown Kaleidoscope

The "heart" of Wisconsin's driftless area basically is situated directly over Crawford County.

This county is very special.  It receives the least brown trout stocking of all the Wisconsin driftless counties.  There is some brook trout stocking but there are not browns stocked. 

The brown trout population is at an all time high these days and because of that the general sizes of the brown trout are going down.

 It is the age old quality versus quantity argument.  I would trade 20 small trout for one large trout so if you would like to see the size of trout increase, do other anglers a favor and harvest some of those small stunted trout to make room for bigger trout.

Browns were originally brought here by people from Europe that thought the climate and waters here were similar enough to sustain browns.  There were no browns here before that.

There are many strains of brown trout.  The vast majority of browns were brought here from Germany, England and Scotland.  The German strain typically sported red sports and the other 2 strains had mostly dark spots with no red spots.

Through the years the brown trout strains have intermingled and you can't really say a trout is a German Brown or other species brown.

August 13, 2014

Crawford County Youth Fishing Contest

Crawford County Youth Fishing Contest

**Three** Pflueger Purist Spinning combo valued at $100.00 each are the prizes.

1.   Trout category  (brown or brook)
2.    Game Fish
3.    Rough Fish

16 and under age

Length wins rod/reel


One winner per angler

Anglers allowed three fish in contest.

Fish must be caught in Crawford County or water touching Crawford County.

Mickelson's Market Place measures fish and keeps record of categories and lengths.

Rods on display at Market Place.

Contest begins September 01 and ends September 27th at noon.

Winners collect their prizes at Gays Mills Sportsman's Food Tent at 3:30pm on 28 September.

Must be present to win.

Contest sponsored by Gays Mills Sportsman's Club,  Crawford County Independent Scout and Len Harris

Thank you Pure Fishing Youth Education Program for supplying the rods. 

August 12, 2014

Book Signing

 Brigadoon Creek

Where:    Gays Mills Apple Festival Sportsmen Club Food Stand

When:   September 27th and 28th.  Noon until 4pm each day.

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