August 07, 2014

A Real Smile

Over the years I have been accused of frowning in photos on purpose.  Maybe I do maybe I don't.  I do know I have a large smile painted on my face after a phone conversation I just had.

About a dozen years ago I had a conversation with Mike pictured above.  He wanted a good place to catch a big brown.  I gave him some directions and later that night I got this photo in my email.  He thanked me for the direction.  My directions were less than stellar and I sent Mike down one bridge entry point and in a pasture that had less than nice black angus bulls in it.  No bulls this day a dozen years ago.

Back to my real smile.  I had a young guy ask me where I would go to catch a big brown.  Michael's encounter with the German Tank above from 12 years ago popped in my head.

I sent the young guy and his buddy in at first light at the black angus bridge.  The very first hole of the day just upstream of the bridge was a wild one.

The guy threw in his size 7 husky jerk rapala at some down trees and debris within 20 yards of the bridge.  The snag came alive. The XL sized fish hit ferociously and the swell it made had the angler questioning if there are big pike in the waterway.  The lure bounced off the iron jawed monster.

I am smiling because my knee is healing quickly and this fish would be a fitting end for a shortened year.

Outdoor Horizons Radio

Just taped a radio segment with  Gary A. Engberg and Outdoor Horizons Radio The Zone 1670 AM and 106.7 FM . We talked about my book release and trout fishing conditions in the area.


Many years ago my father showed me this old bridge ruins hole.  It has always produced for me through the years.  I remember a big fat 18 incher the first time I fished it back in 1966.

Through the years I have shared my excellent hole with many folks.

John Armstrong caught this nice early season brown on a thin mint in this wonderful hole.

Last year I saw some construction equipment out in the field near the hole.  It was the WDNR and they were "fixing" the stream on request of the landowner.

Earlier this year I limped out to this hole and it nearly made me cry.  The fixing entailed taking every tree off the bank and putting in giant boulders and lots of loose gravel.

I sent a friend to fish it yesterday and the boulders have been silted in and the hole no longer exists.

Good job fixing this stream  "NOT"

August 06, 2014

Brigadoon Creek Now Available

Lovstad Publishing

also now available in:

Ocooch Books & Libations
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Richland Center, WI

(608) 647-8826
10:00 am – 5:30 pm