August 02, 2014


The question has been nagging me.  What would I miss the most if I could no longer fish? I wrote a list of things that I found in my log books of 27 years that jumped out at me.  Some things on the list were just childhood memories. The list was really long and there was only one fish involved.  There were things written in my logs that happened almost every year. Here are my top ten:

1.     The rush of the unknown potential of what lays beneath the water on every cast.

2.       The feeling of a crisp spring breeze on my cheek.

3.       Wildflowers on stream.

4.   The sounds of the wind and the water.

  5. The smell of the first plum blossoms.

6.   The way the sun glistens off the water.

7. The feeling of being the first person on that particular stream that season.

8. My first trout outing in the rain.

9.  Fishing in the snow
10.  Yearning for closed season to end.