July 12, 2014

Wasabi Prairie du Chien

playboy roll: tempura shrimp tuna avocado cucumber with tobiko spicy mayo and sweet eel sauce

The three on the plate are described below.
volcano roll:  baked crab, whitefish, yamagobo, motoyaki sauce, sriracha, eel sauce

temptation roll:  shrimp, crab, spicy mayo,sushi sauce and sesame seeds 


crunch and munch roll: spicy crab, cucumber topped w/ cooked shrimp, wasabi dressing and tempura flakes

Went here last night.


July 11, 2014

Still Waiting To Break In Frabil Net

Bought a huge net a couple months back and have yet to break it in on a BIG.

my net

July 10, 2014

Trip to Gays Mills

Barb and I went to visit my mother tonight and I cast for a while and caught a skinny hammer handle and let it go.  It hit again the next cast in the exact same place so Barb decided a photo was warranted.
On the way home Barb spotted 4 deer in a field near Boaz.
These two bucks posed from a distance for Barb

La Crosse

Stolpas Stein Haus

Barb and I went to River Fest in Lacrosse last weekend and made a stop at out favorite German Bar while we were there.


hit a silver little cleo