July 03, 2014

Retired Falcon Rod today

Retired my 24 year old Falcon Rods today.  It served me well through the years.  I caught many a nice pike and walleye.  The handle got sloppy and the ceramic seats started to mar.  My Shimano Fishing Reel is now on a Saint Croix rod.

Legit 30 Incher

Two falls ago my buddy Andy caught a nice 23 inch male in this hole.

He later deposited this fly in a monster fish that he could not get off the bottom.
The last weekend of season I went with my friend Floren Goetsch to the hole.  I let Floren have the hole first and he had the absolutely monstrous skinny female brown with lots of tight together small dark spots hit at shore.  I got a really good look at it.  I chased it for 2 years until this year.

One of my friends told me a skinny trout in the 30 inch range is certainly in decline and she probably is not on this earth still.  I concur.

She still lives on in my dreams and FLOREN'S NIGHTMARES.

July 01, 2014

Early Season 2015

The surgeon gets to slice and dice my knee on 24th.  It hurts too much to trout fish now and all the rain has the Kickapoo unfishable for an extended time.

Time to make plans for 2015.  Trout is tentatively planned but if the knee/back is not good enough, I have already been squirreling away money for a boat.

March 2015 can't come quick enough!!