May 30, 2014

Trout Tutorial

Bright sunny morning.
Late May.
No obvious hatches.
How do you fish this hole as a fly angler?
What do you use?
Is the angler pictured fishing the hole correctly?
Should you just bypass the sunny day and go home?

If you were a spin or worm angler how would you fish this hole?

Comment away.

No answer is wrong.

Mike Juran And I In Crawford County

Mike landed around 20.  I watched most of the time.  I landed 3.  The knee and back made me a spectator.

Mike had a snag and went in to retrieve his fly and had a face to face with a 20 inch plus with shoulders brown scurrying out in front of his nose.

The sunlight was harsh.  The fish turned off at about 9am.

May 27, 2014

He really knows how to torture a guy.

 excerpts from a couple emails I got today:

I think I hooked that big brown we saw a few years ago, but he broke me off.

the hole did not resemble the one we looked at a couple years ago. It was 3 ft deep in the center with a nice current flow.

Yes, a long yellow slab rolling at the surface.

20+ for sure. He's got (or had) a Golden Retriever in the jaw.

Hindsight Is 20/20

A couple years back I remember fishing a particular stretch and I noticed it first.  I had stopped at a hole for a prolonged time and cast.  My left leg felt odd.  It was not functioning correctly.  I felt the upper thigh and it had pins and needles going on.  It had fallen asleep while I was standing.  I gimped back to the vehicle.
I spoke to the wife about it and she thought I had a nerve problem.  I went to the doctor and I was set up for a MRI on my lower back.  10 doctor appointments later I found myself at Sauk Prairie Hospital being prepped for back fusion and nerve root impingement relief surgery.
Four titanium screws and two plates later with a artificial spacer in there for good measures I was supposed to be fixed.  They had to go in three different places because my surgery site was worse than they thought.
Three months went by and the doctors decided I needed my left knee scoped.  While in there they saw more damage than they thought and did micro fracture surgery.
I  awoke this morning with severe pain in my lower back.  This has become the norm after surgery.  I am typically up by 5am each morning these days.  My first stop is the medicine cabinet to take a pain pill.
My numbness in my left thigh has reappeared.  I can not complete a shower these days without it falling asleep.
I have been going to physical therapy for two days a week since February to try to rehab my knee.  It still grinds on every step and I am unable to fish.  I go in tomorrow to see a knee specialist to see if I need knee replacement.
 My knee and back are worse than before surgeries.

 I am NOT ready to be put out to pasture.

May 26, 2014

New Pike Net

 Old one tore up the pike too much.  Eric Haataja recommended this net.



My New Pike Net

May 25, 2014

Finally Done With Kitchen

New kitchen counters and cabinets.  New sink and spigot.
New maple floor and moveable maple kitchen island.  New cedar kitchen chairs.  Couple new rugs.

Added some artwork.   Photos I have taken and blown up and placed where she who must be obeyed says.