January 31, 2014

February 2014 Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

My article and photos in Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine on the news stands now.

Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

Trout Season Opens 4 Weeks From Today

One week from today is my knee surgery.  Depending on what they find in there I may have some special fishing equipment for opener.
If micro-fracture surgery is needed next friday I will be sporting crutches on stream because I will be required to use them for 6 weeks after surgery.

January 29, 2014

"My Book Of Life" Will Be In Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine February Edition



Should be in your mailbox if you subscribe by the end of next week.

Where To Go Opening Day...

I won't be beating any bushes or going back in deep dark area.
Opener 2011.  This male bow certainly a brooder.
2007 opener from an easy to get to hole.  NOT a stocker.

The WDNR will let go their brooders in the typical places like they do yearly.  I am not sure if those will be enough to pacify me.
This stubby finned odd colored brown was sure a brooder from last year opener.  She was about the smallest of the pod of about 25 I stumbled on.  There were 2 real monsters in the group.

If the goofy weather hasn't broken yet and hasn't warmed up I may be sidelined still.
2010 opener from "deep dark"

Behind On My Typical Preparation

My knee and back problems have put me quite behind in my regular winter preparations.  Typically I would have scored some new permission over the winter and walked the new water.  I guess I will have to fish areas I scored in winter's past and never got to going to.
Usually by now I would have ordered my panther martins.  Just did that online.  Fewer then years past.

Just ordered my new camera.


A wading staff is in order for this year.  I will be looking for a nice stout young tree to cut down and use.  Maybe carve a little in it.

I just got done cleaning my reels and lining them.

Was told by my knee surgeon that this scoping of the knee may just be a stop gap thing and I still might knee complete knee replacement soon.
I picked up crutches from Richland County today.  The  Public Health section allows you to rent them for 6 months for 2 dollars.

Fingers are crossed that I don't need them for 6 months .

January 28, 2014


 My doctor asked me if I wanted to try a less radical surgery that would have 6 weeks recovery instead of 6 months. He wants go in next friday and shave my torn meniscus and remove all the free floaters of cartilage and bones out of there.

He also would remove a Baker's Cyst from the back of my knee and do micro-fracture surgery on my upper knee. 6 weeks verses 6 months was a no brainer in my book. I will be able to fish this year if there is the projected cartilage loss he believes is in there.

He did say I would need knee replacement in the future. This surgery could give me a 1 year stay or a 6 year stay.

Off To The Knee and Back Specialist

Heading out at 8am today with the wife to Sauk Prairie to see Dr. Markcu for my knee and to have my middle back looked at.

Today's trip will set the stage for fishing or the lack there of this year.