January 18, 2014

Openers Years Past For Me

Looking Out Window!

I am really sick of this already.
Some of you love winter.  I am one of those that think we need snow for Christmas and then it can go away.
Winter be gone!!!

January 17, 2014

Wisconsin Opening Days Greatest Hits!

Brookies Bye Bye

The next couple of years will be telling on the brook trout population.  I predict a severe drop in the brook trout population in southwestern Wisconsin in the next 3 years.  Gill Lice will be the culprit and not browns pushing them out.

January 16, 2014

I like big browns and i cannot lie

Midwest Outdoors Television Catches Tiger During Outing

Larry Ladowski caught a tiger on air while fishing with Len Harris.  This was the first and only on air catch of a tiger trout in Wisconsin that I know of.

This video was taken about 6 years ago before the Gill Lice Epidemic hit this area.  The brook trout population is down 90 percent on this stream and with no brookies that means no TIGERS.

The WDNR is still managing the majority of the streams in the area for brook trout.  Infected streams will still be stocked with brookies and they will be infected then also.

Some of the new rules proposed by the WDNR are to try to help reestablish  brook trout in streams over run by browns.  They plan on having expanded harvest on browns so the the brook trout can take over the waterway again.  The only problem they have here is below.

4 More Stories To Write

Hit number 20 last night.  Four more to write.  Still haven't decided on cover art.

January 15, 2014

Bob and Ron Skoronski's FOUR Tiger Morning

Bob is from Madison during the spring/summer/fall and Florida for winter.  He played left tackle for the packers during the Ice Bowl/Super Bowl I and II era.

Bob is a worm angler.  In this day pictured Bob caught three tigers.

Bob's son Ron got in to the act also and caught a tiger that morning.

These 2 anglers catching """FOUR"""" tigers in a morning is simply unheard of.

All were CPR.  Caught/Photographed/Released

John Armstrong's First Tiger Trout

I told John about a nice female tiger that Kevin Searock had landed in a tiny stream in Crawford County and John didn't want to be out done and caught this sweet male tiger. John caught his on a lightning bug. It was John's first tiger ever also.

This was maybe 14 years ago.  Where has the time gone.

Kevin Searock's first tiger from 2 weeks prior.  Kevin caught his on a pink squirrel.

A decent brown from the same day and same waterway.

Didn't Want Photo Taken

Andy Kurth battled this trout within 2 inches of my net and she shook loose.  I chased her downstream 8 yards and netted so Andy could get his photo.


Good friends and good times.  Scott with a brookie double in Crawford County.


January 14, 2014

Another cold?

 Just got over pneumonia a week ago and I have another cold?
Maybe I am having all my colds and injuries for the year early I will be done with them in 2014?

January 13, 2014

Proposed changes to Wisconsin's trout regulations

Heard any rumors on the message boards or in the tavern about the proposed changes to Wisconsin's trout regulations? They seem to be flying around like snowflakes lately.

We're bringing Scot Stewart and Kurt Welke of Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Bureau to speak to our chapter for our next SWTU meeting--this Tuesday, January 14, at 7 pm at the Coliseum Bar in Madison. Scot and Kurt will answer questions, separate fact from fiction, and lay out the rationale for changes.

Business starts at 7pm, but please join us at 6pm for food, fellowship, and fish tales. We'll be upstairs at the Coliseum Bar (232 E Olin Ave, Madison, WI 53713). SWTU appreciates DNR's accessibility on this important issue, and we look forward to a good conversation on Tuesday night.

January 12, 2014

43 degrees here today

Went to Gays Mills today to try for pike below the dam there.
I parked within a 20 second walk to the benches on the left.  The snow was virgin and had not a foot print in it.  My wife Barb accompanied me to the benches.  She walked in front of me in case my knee went out so I wouldn't be swimming.  Five casts in I had to sit down because my back was tired.

I sat on the back rail of the bench and scanned the water for the carp that typically school there.  I thought I might see a pike hanging out on the edges of the carp.

No carp were to be seen.   I got off my bench and cast 4 more times.  I was going to walk up towards the building and cast from there a couple times.  I turned in the snow to walk upstream and the snow depth caused my left knee to not turn freely and I was done.

My left knee felt like a hot needle was jabbed in to the knee.

I need to stay patient and the streams will return.  Maybe not this year but next I hope.

Rumors Say The Elementary School Is Being Torn Down Soon

The word on the street is the elementary school is being torn down soon.  The "heart" of old Gays Mills is about to be removed.