November 04, 2014

Micromanagement Of Our Trout Streams

Wisconsin Trout Season has been closed for about a month and it seems like an eternity.. Next year this time the final touches will be put on the NEW trout regulations by the WDNR.

2016 looks like it will have extended seasons on both ends.  The early Catch and Release will begin on January 01 if my sources are correct.  The bait anglers that like harvesting trout will be excluded from this season again..Season will be extended to October 15th also.
The jury is still out on whether the simplification of regulations by the WDNR will actually quell the masses.  Many trout anglers feel alienated by the over regulation of the streams. The majority of trout anglers in Wisconsin are bait anglers.  The January opener will exclude them and they will have to sit on the sidelines and watch the catch and release crew flail away.

My source in the WDNR also tells me that the miles of catch and release water in the state will almost double under the guise of simplifying the regulation.  This does not sit well with the folks that want fewer regulations and season open to all anglers.

The WDNR has done lots of data collecting and asked for public input on numerous occasions. The Fisheries Staff say:  "Wisconsin's trout population is at an all time high."  "Folks talk about the good old days;  these are the good old days."  If the trout population is so high, why can't the bait anglers be allowed to fish the entire trout season?

The regulations changes will also cherry pick a couple way over populated trout streams and increase the bag limit.  The sizes of the trout will be required to be under 12 inches long.  What hardcore trout angler wants five boney 9-12 inch trout?  If this over population continues a large trout will be 15 inches in ten years.
Every local I have talked to out here in the "heart" of Wisconsin's driftless area wants fewer regulations and equality in the regulations. I say open the season on January 01 and close it on October 15th and let all anglers fish and harvest trout or let them go.  Micromanagement of our streams needs to stop.

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