May 27, 2014

Hindsight Is 20/20

A couple years back I remember fishing a particular stretch and I noticed it first.  I had stopped at a hole for a prolonged time and cast.  My left leg felt odd.  It was not functioning correctly.  I felt the upper thigh and it had pins and needles going on.  It had fallen asleep while I was standing.  I gimped back to the vehicle.
I spoke to the wife about it and she thought I had a nerve problem.  I went to the doctor and I was set up for a MRI on my lower back.  10 doctor appointments later I found myself at Sauk Prairie Hospital being prepped for back fusion and nerve root impingement relief surgery.
Four titanium screws and two plates later with a artificial spacer in there for good measures I was supposed to be fixed.  They had to go in three different places because my surgery site was worse than they thought.
Three months went by and the doctors decided I needed my left knee scoped.  While in there they saw more damage than they thought and did micro fracture surgery.
I  awoke this morning with severe pain in my lower back.  This has become the norm after surgery.  I am typically up by 5am each morning these days.  My first stop is the medicine cabinet to take a pain pill.
My numbness in my left thigh has reappeared.  I can not complete a shower these days without it falling asleep.
I have been going to physical therapy for two days a week since February to try to rehab my knee.  It still grinds on every step and I am unable to fish.  I go in tomorrow to see a knee specialist to see if I need knee replacement.
 My knee and back are worse than before surgeries.

 I am NOT ready to be put out to pasture.

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