February 04, 2014

LDH Nets "Beautiful Handmade Nets"


You say brookies don't need to be netted.  Think again!
My birdseye maple steelhead net was needed for this pose.

This walnut burl net with an extra deep bag cradles this butter brown for a photo before release.

 The net handle fits perfectly between your legs and the deep bag keeps the trout in the water while your photographer focuses the camera for your "Glory Shot"

 Use the right tool for the job.

 This huge small stream male brown was diving for a submerged tree when I swooped in with the extra large opening in this sweet net to thwart his escape.

 If you have ever had a big trout straighten itself out in a shallow net and complicate the landing you will appreciate the very deep non-tapered bag in this wonderful net.

 A good net is a must for the real "Trout Hunters" out there!!!

 The net fits perfectly between your shoulders secured with a Rose Creek net release.


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