November 22, 2013

Another Trout Pin

This Tiger Trout Pin should look good on one of my new hats I ordered this morning..
A real sweet store!!

The pin are also sweet

Once a deer hunter...always a deer hunter!

 I quit hunting after this season back in 2001.  My back makes it impossible to carry to a heavy rifle any distance.  My family doesn't eat venison. The want to hunt is still there.  I am going to Gays Mills tonight to sit with my cousins Sig and Roman Chestelson to swap lies like the old days.  Once a deer hunter....always a deer hunter.

The Mailman Delivers!!

 Jim Gainor 2013 Buck
Jim Gainor 2010

Jim is running out of space on his walls for shoulder mounts.

Jim is my mailman.  I have known him since he was 13 years old.  He gets a giant buck every year.  Jim is a hometown Gays Mills boy.

November 21, 2013

The Sun Sets On Old Downtown Gays Mills

The sunsets on Old Downtown Gays Mills.  You better take a good look at her before she disappears like this sunset.

Michael Richardson and his Son "Future" Hunter

Len this is Bowmike from Hunting beast. I am attaching a few pictures of my muzzleloader doe for you blog. If you would like to use them feel free.

My son loves when I bring home deer or turkey he is 16 months old and going to be a future hunter, or game warden. Notice how he is checking the tag. LOL

Hope to have you a buck picture as well. I will be bear hunting this weekend, are you looking for any bear success pics as well. We will most likely not get one but will send you any if we get one.

Doe was shot on PA State Game Lands with an Inline Muzzle Loader.

Joshua Beaman's Sweet Buck With A Bow

17.25" inside spread, 11 points (double brow on left), gross green score 150"s

100 Days Until Wisconsin Small Stream Trout Opener

November 17, 2013

Wisconsin Small Stream Brooder Bows

They don't naturally reproduce in Wisconsin streams
They are like homing pigeons and leave the area in the same season
They taste like an old boot.
They are not very smart.

They fight like crazy
Inept anglers can even catch them

What do you think?
Should the WDNR keep stocking them?
Can the money from the stocking of bows be used elsewhere?