October 11, 2013

Go On Take the Money and Run *Andy Weaverling*

 A very nice outing in August by Andy Weaverling.  Andy blogged about his outing in Wisconsin's driftless on his excellent blog called "Adrift"

Andy is a big trout junkie from Minnesota.  We have talked numerous times online and I finally talked him in to jumping the Mississippi and giving my home water a whirl.

Was invited to go with but fished the day before and back pain would not allow it.

It appears Andy did quite well without me.

Andy is an excellent angler and takes some awesome photos and is second to none in the telling of tales.


October 10, 2013

Getting Old Is No Fun!

 Talked to back surgeon today. MUST have surgery but he needs a ct scan of my L4 area to see if fused already.  If fused much more drastic surgery needed. Have ct scan on 23 oct.

He thinks it is not fused.  He says he is going to go in from right side above my hip and clean out little remaining disc and put synthetic disc in there and pack with bone and make a cage around it and put plate and screws to hold in place and possibly a clamp in another place.

A date is not set for the surgery yet.  Will know when after ct scan.