October 02, 2013

It Is Five O'clock Somewhere

I am trying an Erdinger Dunkel Hefe-Weizen

Barb will be home soon and she will drink her tried and true Spaten Oktoberfest!

Couple others might be tested later.  Check back for more.

Rotts came over and helped us with a couple more beers

Kevin liked the Weihenstepher Hefe Weissbier the best.

 Good times with good friends!

End Of Year Log Book 2013

I went trout fishing 101 times in Wisconsin.

My average trout per outing was just about 30 trout.

It makes 51 years this year I have fished the area.

It is my worst year ever for big trout.
 It is my best year ever for numbers of browns.

It was my worst year ever for brook trout.

I landed 2,978 trout this year.

I kept the most brown trout this year in 25 years.

My streams are over run with dinky brown trout.

2014 I will keep my limit every time I fish to try to counteract this trend.

I encouraged my fishing partners this year to harvest browns and will do this also in 2014.

October 01, 2013

Old Fashion Bean Soup

Soak navy beans in water overnight.  Empty out water and refill to 2/3s full and added pepper liberally

Added one large yellow onion coarsely diced.

Add three smoked pork hock

Cook in crock pot on low.

Supper is served at 5:30pm

September 29, 2013


an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

Our Wisconsin Magazine


The October Our Wisconsin Magazine is in your mail box now!

Check out page 30 for my photo.


This year was a banner year for numbers of trout.  I typical go out about 125-135 times a year to trout fish.  This year I only went out 101 times.  My average catch number per outing was 30 trout.  I nearly broke 3,000 trout caught for the year. The general size of big trout was down 2-3 inches.  It was my worst year in the last 5 years for trout over 20 inches.  I only landed 8 trout over 20 inches this year.  My brook trout number were way down.  I think the Gill Lice are really thinning the brook trout.

I fished more for pike this year in years past.  I attribute that to my bad back and knee.  The pike fishing is closer to the car and less walking is required.  I caught the most pike this year so far in the last 15 years.  Season on the Kickapoo River doesn't close until the last day of February so pike numbers will continue to go up I hope.
I put my big lakes rod and reel in the truck.  I have a friend from Milwaukee that will be calling me soon to try for lake run browns and steelhead.

Another Apple Festival Come And Gone

I typically fish a little at the dam in Gays Mills on Friday morning and visit friends I haven't seen on Friday and Saturday night.

Caught one wayward pike on Friday morning.