September 26, 2013

Small Stream Trout Closed...Cooking Season Opens

Dang cooking channel!!!!


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Outdoor Horizons Radio

I will be on Outdoor Horizons Radio this Saturday at 8:05am to discuss the end of small stream trout season and all things trout.

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Restoration Effort?

 This is a photo of the Wisconsin Driftless vegetation make up before humans. The number 1 areas are the rolling prairies.
The latest fad in trout management is called Driftless Area Restoration Effort.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is on board somewhat with this trendy put it back to the way it use to be nonsense.
Yes I said nonsense.  The premise of the movement is to restore the streams and banks to the way they were before man came and messed them up.  A look at the make up of the Wisconsin Driftless Area shows many different types of vegetation before man messed it up.  The big drive is to make the streams in to rolling prairie land.  A look at the map I have found shows the vegetation in Vernon, Crawford and Richland counties was only a small percentage rolling prairies. One size does not fit all.  So this rolling prairie factoid is incorrect.

The first thing the big machine does is remove all the trees from the banks surrounding the streams.  The excuse for doing this is to lessen erosion from trees falling in. The experts I spoken to say it is to increase invertebrate growth with more direct sunlight. Trout do not have eye lids and shun brightly lit places. Every large trout I have ever caught has been in the most snag infested and tree laden bend in the stream.  So I guess big trout are being ignored in this clear cutting of the streams.  The next thing that they do is taper the banks to a moderate sloping grade.  Anything that looks like erosion is gotten rid of.

At the end of the projects they line the bank edge with big flat rocks and roll a few big rocks in to make some current.  Some under the bank lunkers are put in some streams so the fish have places to hide after they have removed the trees and cut corners a smart and wily big trout likes.

Recently I fished a stream that is public and has all of its trees and erosion and log jams. It is the stream photo in this article.  This restoration drive has not zeroed in on my gem of a stream.  My friend and I fished it for 3.5 hours.  We each caught 50 brown trout each.  Lots of them were respectable sizes. 
One size does not fit all.  I believe the stream restoration effort needs to slow down and take each stream on a case by case basis.
 I am never going to say the name of the stream online or in conversations because I can see the big machine targeting my special stream due to the erosion and trees and ruining what in my opinion is the best stream in the Wisconsin Driftless Area.

September 25, 2013


Floren Goetsch talked me in to going out with him again.  I took him to the only stream I have never taken anyone else to ever.

We were on the stream by 9:00am and off by 12:30pm

The stretch was amazing.  Above was the typical brown for this waterway.

Floren got small fish of the day.

We both landed over 50 browns each.  There was a stretch that Floren and I caught or had a hit on 20 consecutive casts. I got big fish of the day about 18 inches.  We kept on wondering when one of us was going to get a monster.

We both decided this stream was over populated and there wasn't enough food for the trout to get huge.

What a way to end the year.

September 24, 2013

Final Weekend Of Season

Gays Mills Weather Forecast:

Apple Festival This Weekend:

 Gays Mills Apple Festival

Richland Center:

Wednesday looks like best day of the week.

Start thinking up a reason to call in sick tomorrow morning.

Weekend calls for rain.

September 23, 2013

Long Outing

Floren and I fished way off the beaten path this morning. 

 Both my knee and back were not well after the outing.
Floren land about 18 browns and me about 15.

Lost a really nice brown above tight to the left bank.

Lost my biggest trout of the year in the mess above.

September 22, 2013

Deep Dark Unfished Area

heading to the jungle in the morning to search for one last big trout of the year.
I have 2 choices.  I am going out shortly to do a clarity check of both.
Both are tight quarters with lots of weeds and snags and I am certain nobody has hit them since Spring.

It could very well be my last small stream outing of the year because of my knee and back.

Another Wisconsin Small Stream Trout Season Comes To An End

Wisconsin small stream trout season ends September 30th.  It opens again on the first Saturday of March.  This a 5 month closed season.

Minnesota opens on January 01 and Iowa stays open year round.  Wisconsin is the only state in the Driftless Area with such a restrictive season.

The opponents of lengthening the season says it will interfere with bow hunting and may cause anglers to wade on the trout breeding grounds.  The wading part could be rectified by only keeping the season open until October 31.  Trout have not started spawning yet.  Opening the season January 01 interferes with no other outdoor activity and the spawning is all done by then.

We did have a January season a long time ago but special interest groups said the winter months caused the large trout to congregate and made them easier to catch.  The squeaky wheel groups got their way and the season opens now the first Saturday of March.  There was not data collected to support this change.

I recently heard a WDNR person say that the trout population of our area was at an all time high.  Trout density means less food to grow and trout will be stunted.  We will have lots of trout and the majority will be little.

Rule changes are needed and seasons need to be evaluated for possible lengthening.

Beer Tasting At Harris Biergarten

While Barb was doing her 30 miles of bicycling I was was left unsupervised and unattended with nothing to do so I popped into Woodman's in LaCrosse because I had heard they have a huge German Beer Selection.  I was not disappointed.

Barb needed to rehydrate from her long bike ride when she came home so I put on an impromptu beer tasting for my marathon bicyclist.  

Barb's first choice was a Hof Brau Haus Oktober Fest Beer.
This beer was given a thumbs up by both Barb and I.

A Schneider Hefe-Weizen was the next and both Barb and I had a second of this special southern Bavarian Beer.

Third was a Schneider Aventinus Wheat Doppenbock and Barb was scared to try it and rightly so.  It tasted nasty and we decided to give the remaining bottle to Kevin Rott the next time he comes over.

Only three beers were sampled last night.  We have a couple more different kinds that we will try another night.