September 06, 2013

To Each Their Own!

Scott kept this monster male brown.

Al let his big female go.

Alec let his big male rainbow go.

Joe eats lots of things from the streams and woods and thinks the catch and release crowd are over stepping their bounds by chastizing anglers for keeping legally caught fish..

Derek Brown kept this monstrous male small stream brown.

Jim Herald let this beast female go.

Brian Waldner ate this beast.

Jesse Carter kept this beast brookie for the wall.

Comment Made Me Smile!

Catch & Release Zealot 
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Love it when catch and release nut jobs embarass themselves on a huge public forum.

Check out the comments.

September 05, 2013

September Already

Fished a stream I have not hit in over a year.  On the water at 7:45am.  Landed 6 trout from above hole.  One was a brookie and I have never seen some many gill lice on one fish ever.  This stream was the first stream I ever caught a tiger trout on about 15 years ago.

Landed about 20 total there.  The biggest was 12 inches.

 At the top of this stream I ran in to this protruding from the bank.  Looks like spring floods exposed it.  There were some rail road ties protruding just upstream too.
Maybe a old wagon axle or what is left of a mill paddle wheel. The center looked like old wood.  It was about as big around as a large garbage can.

These pretty flowers caught my eye as I was leaving stream number one.
I went to stream number 2 in Crawford County.  I dislike lunker bunkers so I fished 300 yards downstream of some newer ones.
Caught another 30 browns and 3 brook trout.  The brookie had no gill lice. YES...I disinfected my gear before switching streams.   The fish stopped hitting when the sun came out.  Was an excellent stretch.  I landed 3 trout around 18 inches and 4 trout 16ish inches and four around 14 inches.

Killer Lure

 A friend of mine from down under told me he has been spanking the big trout with these lately.

He has been fishing them on the surface and putting a large split shot about 16 inches back and twitching it across the bottom. The frog has an air chamber to keep them up slightly off the bottom.

He reports thunderous takes.

I have been doing stomach content checks of big trout throughout the years and a small to medium Leopard Frog has been a common content of big browns.  The 15 inchers also do frogs.

September 04, 2013

5 Months Of Trout Withdrawls


5 months of closed season is way too long. There should be a January 01 open and October 31 close.
Iowa stays open year round and Minnesota opens January 01.

September 03, 2013

Story Yet To Be Written

Last time out to this area was in March

This too was early season from 2 years ago.
Below was from last September
Tomorrow I venture in to the deep dark abyss seeking large trout and maybe a couple smallies.

It will be tight quarters and deep weeds.

This area has surely not been fished since March.

Wish me luck.


Walking out the door this morning the wife interrogated me on where and who I was going with.

She vetoed long hard outing without a partner.  She is a Registered Nurse and has my best interest at heart.

Will have to wait for a fishing partner.

Curtain Call

Back by popular demand.

Joe Chadick's monster Wisconsin small stream brown.

Get OUT There!!!

These are the kinds of water I live for.

No lunker bunker nonsense and zero other anglers.

September 01, 2013

Wisconsin Has The Longest Closed Season In Driftless

My kind of water.  Bustin log jams and cut corners looking for monsters.

29 days left in season.

Iowa's trout streams stay open year round.

Minnesota opens January 01.

Season Ends In 29 DAYS