June 01, 2013

Number Don't Lie

The WDNR did a study recently on why anglers left trout fishing.

The break down of who left and for what reasons is telling.

Data is in from Jordan.  The data speaks for itself.

Jordan Petchenik
Resource Sociologist

The survey to lapsed anglers had a response rate of 68%.

Of the people who responded these were the numbers:

51% of lapsed anglers often or always fished with live bait;

35% often or always fished with spinners or lures;

25% often or always fished with flies.

The total will not equal 100% because an angler can use multiple techniques in a day of fishing.

"Of the lapsed trout anglers that ranked the poor quality of their favorite trout fishery as  the primary reason they stopped fishing, more than eight in ten (83%) indicated they would likely return if the quality improved.

For those that ranked poor stream access and stream conditions as the primary reason they stopped fishing, two-thirds (67%) indicated they would likely return if access and  conditions improved.

Of the lapsed trout anglers that ranked our regulations as the primary reason they stopped fishing, about three-fourths (74%) indicated that they would likely return if our regulations were simplified or allowed anglers to fish the way they preferred.

Three-fourths (74%) of lapsed anglers reported that would likely start trout fishing again if their current time constraints improved. This finding perhaps holds real potential for  returned participation when current time constraints clear."

I also asked Jordan about percentages of current trout anglers and their methods of choice.

Jordan said the current trout anglers mirror the lapse rate from the survey.

May 30, 2013

Four Days Off And No Fishing

The streams and rivers around me are WASHED out for a few days at minimum.

You know what that means to me?

My other hobby comes out.


The only time I tried octopus it was an epic fail situation.
A rematch is in order.  Leaving to Madison to shop in 20 minutes.  Might try baby octopi this time.
Will stop at the seafood store on Whitney Way and then the Asian Food stores on Park Street.

Loved how this recipe turned out.  Going to add squid and baby octopus.

May 29, 2013

Seven Years Later

I took the family DeLacluyse out fishing one of the last years I guided. Luke and Kelly did well that day seven years ago.  I can remember the outing well.  It was their first time trout fishing.  They were uncut diamonds.  Their casting was fair but needed work.  Grandpa Bob had also come along on that outing.  They both improved vastly by the end of the outing with pointers from Grandpa and me.

Bob had contacted me a couple years back about taking the family out on a guided trip again.  I told him I quit guiding.  I refereed them to a good local guide.  Bob told me his grandkids would be disappointed because they still reminisced about our outing together and their first trout ever.

Their Grandpa Bob contacted me again this spring and wanted to go fishing with me this year.  I told him I don't guide any longer but I would "go fishing" with his grandkids.  Bob told me they weren't kids anymore but young adults.

We met up at the gas station in Gays Mills.

It was amazing how much Luke had grown.  He was a head taller then his sister Kelly.  Luke even looked like he needed to shave nowadays.  His voice had gotten deeper. Kelly had turned in to a beautiful young lady.

Both had fun in Crawford County.  Both anglers were more refined in their skills on this outing.  They obviously have good role models in their Dad and Grandpa. Kelly caught big brown of the day and Luke caught biggest brook trout of the day.  This was exactly opposite of the first outing seven years ago.  They were using panther martins.  They all thanked me for fishing with them and I sent them back to their B&B with six trout to grill tonight.

I was really feeling old today because of the way these two changed.  I spoke to my wife on the phone and she had a different spin on today's outing.  She told me I obviously had taught them some fishing skills way back when and had impressed them.  She also reminded me about how I preach in my presentations to schools about your first trout you catch and how you remember it for the rest of your life.  The really odd thing was I always used the picture of the DeLacluyse kids to make that exact point.  Both of them had one thing that did not change after seven years.  They both had amazing smiles when they were landing their trout just like seven years ago. Thank you Kelly and Luke for showing me my work has paid off.  Thank you wife for putting the correct spin on today's outing and life.

May 28, 2013

Before and After

I went out this morning with the express purpose of harvesting three trout for the dinner table tonight.  I took a look at my dashboard clock when I got out of the White Whale "my vehicle" and it said 8:46am.  I fished non-designated water.
9:52am I re-entered my vehicle.  I landed 16 browns on silver panther martins with red and blue accents.  The sizes ranged from 4 inches to 18 inches.

I kept two around 14 inches and one 16 incher.  I believe only catching trout for sport is injuring a fish for the sheer sport of it and is inhumane and wrong.

On the way back to vehicle I stumbled on some morels under an apple tree.

I chuckled to myself as I cleaned them.  I can remember reading a guy's post last night where he said he only kept stockers and never wild trout.  The only way to tell if a fish is a stocker or wild is by watching the stocking truck drop them off or cleaning them.  Is a little too late to let them go if their flesh is orange and firm just like all three wild trout I kept.  The ones that claim to never keep wild trout are not fooling anyone besides themselves.

I practiced what I preach.  I let go the 18 incher.  I stopped fishing when I caught my third trout which made my limit.  I was selective on my keepers.  In the near future if I decided to keep some more,  I will be responsible and select a different waterway to keep them from.

I am up for a new recipe for trout.  Anyone have any?  I will fry up the morel in the usual way but I am willing to try a new way if one of you supplies me with a new recipe?

Decided the morels didn't go with the trout.  Fried some green beans.