May 09, 2013

There Is Something About The Teeth!

As a kid I lived 33 steps from the Kickapoo River.  Another 30 steps and I was below the dam fishing for pike. The Kickapoo River was my babusitter as a child.

 I watched lots of the old timers fish there. Cap Stussy was one I remember the most.  He would sit there on the corner of the wall for hours.  He would always fish the same way.  Right on the bottom with a dead sucker weighted and no bobber.  Typically when he caught one it was a big dog.  I helped land one of his biggest northerns.  I waded right in the water to my chest and cradled it and brought it to shore for him.  This memory is burnt in my brain.  A 12 year old with a toothy wild flopping pike with a serious attitude pinned to my chest.

These days I chase trout most of the time instead of pike.  When I do fish for pike I am prepared.  No more wading in for this old fat guy.  I use the correct tools for the job.  If any of you have seen my trout won't be surprised when you see my pike net.  You will never hear anyone say they wish they had a smaller net.
My rod is a falcon FS rated for 15-25 pound line.  I usually have a Shimano Stradic 4000 on it with 30 pound power pro line with a metal leader.

Most folks at the dam in Gays Mills don't have the right size gear for the big toothy that come from there.

Yesterday I caught this pike.
It hit while I was lifting the lure out of the water.  Four feet of line out and a wild NOT tired big pike going nuts at shore.  Luckily I had my drag set properly and after 3 minutes it was tired in my net.  The pike literally destroyed the lure.  It was snapped in half.  My hand to pike battle with Cap Stussy's pike came to mind yesterday.
I spent many a day at the dam in Gays Mills as a child.  I branched off to trout but I am starting to get old and things don't work as well as they use to.  Pike fishing requires much less walking and bush beating.

Life is a circle.  I wonder if any child will watch me and remember any of my encounters with pike when he is 56 years old.

My tackle box was not always full.  Back in my teens I could be found in shorts and tennis shoes wading out to my neck and surface diving to find lures.

May 08, 2013

Weekly Trip To Gays Mills Today

I typically visit my mother on Wednesdays.

I go a little early and fish at the dam there.

Second cast I had a behemoth pike turn at the wall.

It was so big it made my knees shake.

I threw right back in there and this one slammed it.

I was actually disappointed that I caught this one instead of the monster.

I have a superstition that makes me stop fishing after catching one large pike or trout .

The rematch may be on Mother's Day or next Wednesday.

May 07, 2013

TR Crawford/Richland County

Crawford was hard sledging with a couple decent brook trout.

The sun got high and fish shut down.

We went to deeper water in Richland and did much better.

Rob Gooze caught about 15 and I got about 30.
Big brown of day was 14ish and big brookie was 12ish.

May 06, 2013

Bull Of The Woods

Scott Blumreich and his father typically fish every opening weekend together.  A big group of friends get together and camp in Vernon County.  The Blumreich's are from the Green Bay area.  There is a friendly competition between the group.  The person to catch the biggest trout of the weekend gets "The Bull Of The Woods" trophy.  There is also a small trout trophy called "The Peckerwood."

Scott and his dad went out early Saturday morning to a stream that I gave them a tip on.  Scott and his dad accessed the holes and Scott let his dad have the choice of where he wanted to start.  Dad went upstream and Scott took the second place.
At the end of the morning Scott was certain he secured the trophy.  Scott caught a 26/22/14 incher.  Dad caught a fattie 16 incher.  Both returned to the campgrounds and basked in their opening day glory.  Winner of the trophy gets their name on the trophy and bragging rights for the year.