May 03, 2013

The Heart Of The Driftless Is Ready For Opening Day!!!

I wander all over the place today and checked streams in Vernon/Crawford/Richland.

ALL are in good shape to fish!!!

May 02, 2013

Cold And A Little Rainy

I was 74 yesterday and 44 today for a high.
The rain is on and off.  It is not hard.

Streams are cleaning quickly.
I will be doing a wandering tomorrow afternoon to check on stream clarity.
There will be clean water for opener.

May 01, 2013

American Brook Lamprey

They procreate about now!!!

A hatchery existed along Kettle Brook in Connecticut, in the mid 1950s. There was a cross exposure to the trout they had there and American Brook Lamprey were introduced to our streams. Now they are quite prevalent in our Midwestern streams. They are typically 3-10 inches long. They are considered non-parasitic lamprey. Brook lamprey are only found in clear, cold brooks and small streams. Their skin is leathery and smooth and without scales. Adults have a dark back, pale belly, yellowish fins and a dark blotch at the end of the tail. They have disc like mouths with teeth. The teeth are poorly developed. They are unable to attach to a fish. Male lamprey grow bigger than females.

They spawn in late spring near the end of April in Wisconsin Streams.The males with help from the females construct small nests by picking up pebbles with their mouths and moving them to shallow depressions. The sticky eggs are deposited in the nest and adhere to the sand and gravel. The embryos hatch in about three weeks. Young lamprey float downstream upon hatching and eventually burrow into the sand and silt where they live for 3-7 years. They feed on microscopic life and animal matter (protozoans, diatoms, algae, desmids, and pollen). Adult lamprey change colors just before they emerge from the silt and rocks. Adult brook lamprey cannot eat because they are not equipped with a functional small intestine and only live for four to six months.

I found a couple nests yesterday in a stream in Crawford County. There were four of them building nests. At first I bristled and thought seriously about stomping on them. I resisted the temptation and rightly so. I research them the last two days. They are not like their great lakes cousins. Killing anything no matter how ugly and not eating it is not what I believe in.

My next thought was where can I find something that looks like them because they have to be excellent table fare for big hungry browns. My search was rewarded with me finding some brownish green articulated leech flies that will fit the bill. I also found some soft plastic lures too. Going to give it a try soon on local streams.

6 Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other

So many fish and so little time!!
Big giant alligator teeth?

Strong Brooder Bows???

Big small stream browns?

Slob brookies?

I don't see it as a real dilemma.

April 30, 2013

Good Luck All!!

Inland lakes and rivers open on Saturday at 5am.  The regular trout season opens the same time and date.  Good luck to all you anglers!

Gays Mills Spring Festival

Gays Mills Spring Festival
Annually on Mother's Day Weekend 
May 10-12, 2013
"A Festival Commemorating the Traditions of the Valley" 

Gays Mills Spring Festival

Weather For Opener "POUR"

All week it looks like rain.

April 29, 2013

Net Stolen Out Of Vehicle

It looked like the center one.  There was also sorts of other things to steal in there but the net must have caught the scumbag's eye.  I am taking my wife's car fishing from now on because it locks.  My old tank does NOT.
Close up of my net in action.

I am firm believer in having a back up plan for all of my gear.  I am getting another LDH Net in the near future.

My birdeyes maple net is my favorite
I have not decided on the wood yet.

Here is his site.
LDH Nets

I will be getting a Steelhead type but the wood is still up in the air.


 I contacted LDH Nets and Lloyd says I have sent him many customers through the years and I have been a loyal customer also so he will replace my net for free. It should be in the mail within a week. Talk about excellent customer service!!!!!!!

Product Evaluation "CREEL"

Relic of the past.  Not functional.  Too small for medium sized fish.  Has no cooling properties.  $59.00 for a wall decoration is too much in my book.

 79.00 bucks but well worth the large sized Arctic Creel.  Has two separate compartments .  You put cold packs in there with bottled water.  Have had mine for 4 years and holds up well to my abuse.  Only thing I didn't like about it was the color and I solved that by dying it olive green the day I got it.

If that fish is just too dang big for your creel you can use the compartment in the back of your vest for a short term carrying area.

April 28, 2013

Seafood Kitchen Sink Soup

50   ounces Chicken Broth
16   ounces petite diced tomatoes "spicy"
1     large white onion diced
1     heaping teaspoon of diced garlic
2     teaspoons celery flakes
1/2  stewed/roasted red pepper diced
2     ounces fresh baby spinach chopped
16   ounces scallops
12   ounces shrimp
8     ounces baby clams
8     ounces oyster
12   ounces flaked white crab
12   ounces okra

All in slow cooker.  Set to eat at 6pm.

Bring Your Rain Gear For Opener

6 to 10 Day Forecast

Updated: Apr 28, 2013, 8:21am CDT

Fri May 3

Showers 50°F
Chance of rain:
NE at 11 mph

Sat May 4

Showers 58°
Chance of rain:
S at 10 mph

Sun May 5

Showers 58°
Chance of rain:
SSW at 9 mph

Mon May 6

Scattered Showers 60°
Scattered Showers
Chance of rain:
WSW at 9 mph