April 26, 2013

The Circle Of Life

It is amazing what you can find stream side these days.  Leave the baby animals alone.  They may be sweet looking and you may want to pet them.  Do NOT! 
They may look
deserted by the mother...they are NOT!!!

Some of those sweet fuzzy deer don't make it through Wisconsin's harsh winter.  Some may die from being hit by cars and others are wounded by hunters and are never found.

I found both of these deer while trout fishing.


Life is not infinite
Enjoy yourself
Eat and drink and make merry.
A healthy life is typically a very boring one.

No May Trout Opener Weekend For Me

Monday after opener I will go to Gays Mills and try to catch a pike or a walleye.

Opening weekend for pike and trout is a little too much of a ZOO for me.  I will go to the dam on Monday and toss some stuff the pike haven't seen yet.

Note there are some walleye lures in my box also.  Some really big eyes have been caught below the dam in the first 2 weeks of season.

After that I will go catch a couple to medium sized trout for a traditional dinner.

April 25, 2013

April 23, 2013

First Time To This Hole This Season

Have not hit this hole yet this year.  I typical hit this hole about this time every year.  This is a classic wintering hole.

The big trout hang out here and are easy pickings on May opener.  I am going to try to get a couple photos before May guys harvest them.

I have a nice countdown rapala ready and 2 sizes of zip lures.

First cast I used a size 9 robins egg blue size 9 rapala.  The rod was nearly torn out of my hand.  The lure just bounced off the obvious rock jawed monster.

Lost both zip lures and switched to a panther martin.  Nobody else near the spillway.  I fished upstream 300 yards.

10 trout later I came home.

How Do You Explain Catch And Release Season To A Ten Year Old?

It was 6 years ago.  My daughter was 10 years old.  We were fishing panther martins on a local stream.

Anna had a monster hit.  I could see the huge trout flailing away near shore.  It was a gill hook up.  There was a cloud of blood already behind its gills.  I knew this one was going to die that moment.

I waded in and netted it.  Anna and I unhooked the trout and carefully attempted to revive the fish for over 30 minutes.  There was no reviving of it.  This one was dead. She had been pestering me the entire time we were reviving it to get a photo of it.  She said no one will believe she caught such a big trout.  I told her that we needed to give this trout every chance to live and no photos were going to be taken unless we were sure it was going to die.

We talked about the dead fish and how wasteful it was to just let it go and let the other creatures eat it.  I guess she understood a little at age 10 but it really seemed wrong and against everything my father had taught me about wasting fish or game.  We took one photo of her and her monster brown and sent it belly up downstream. The evolution of trout fishing?

 The Wisconsin trout regulations are going through some changes soon. There could be 3 more months added on to the season and these months look like they are going to be c/r only also. Five months for c/r folks and 5 months for the rest? This seems quite foolish seeing the vast majority of trout anglers harvest trout.

I was recently voted in to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress in my county "Uncontested". I plan on getting on the Trout Committee and help shape the rules in the state to show the wishes of the majority not the few.

Absolute Waste Of Time

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Got a hot tip from the local butcher.  Fished it for 2 hours yesterday and gave up because no fish and area heavily over farmed and bottom silty mess. 

April 22, 2013

Play With Your Food Season Closes This Sunday

The Torture and Release season closes this Sunday evening.
The "REAL" season opens the next Saturday.

April 21, 2013

TR Crawford County With Andy

Andy Kurth called last night.  He wanted to fish today.  He doesn't get a hall pass often so I went with him.

Our first choice of streams was taken by turkey hunters and decided to let them have it to themselves.

The nearest stream was 10 miles north.

The weather this morning was awful.  It was snowing and raining and windy.  It did NOT seem to bother the trout because they were on fire.

We fished from 8:30 until 1:30pm.

I let Andy have most of the holes first and he landed 47 browns and three brookies infested with gill lice.  I have never found gill lice on this stream.  I also had never caught a brookie on this stream until today.

I landed 32 browns and three brookies with gill lice also.  I have already filled out the report form on the brookies.

Andy had 2 doubles.  He was throwing a woolly worm with a uv stone dropper.

Andy landed big brown of the day...it was 16ish.

I landed big brookie of the day... about 12ish brookie