March 29, 2013

Gays Mills Wisconsin

Gays Mills is a village in Crawford County, Wisconsin. The population was 491 at the 2010 census.
  In 1847 James B. Gay, a native of Indiana, built a dam and a sawmill on the Kickapoo River, which proved to be a flourishing success.  Gays Mills was born.  The sawmills went out of fashion and Gays Mills continued its existence by leaning heavily on the local orchards.

The Kickapoo River that caused the village to exist has been raising havoc in the last 65 years with the residents of the flood plain in Gays Mills.

I can remember as a small boy going to sleep in the downstairs bedroom and waking up and rolling out of bed to be startled by ankle deep flood water in our house.

The flood of 1978 was the first straw.  It was a historic flood and it caused the first wave of residents to move out on the north side of town on the sandy hillside.  My mother's home was the third home out there.  My mother in law still lives in that flood plain.
Recent floods have caused the state and federal government to relocate any businesses and homes out of the flood plain .

It is quite ironic that the Kickapoo River breathed life in to Gays Mills and it is taking it away now.

The new village is lacking character and small town charm.

I recommend going to see Gays Mills before she disappears in to the mist like "Brigadoon" of lore.


Weekend A Wash

streams running high and dirty.

stay home and visit relatives.

March 28, 2013

Nephews Dropped In Yesterday

the browns left to right:
greyson,clyde, liam and Mark.

March 26, 2013

My Take On The Regulations

 I have read everything out there about wisconsin trout fishing.
I have listened to the experts and the locals.  The claim that regulations are too complicated is just plain wrong.

What is correct is there are just too many regulations.  No stream should have its regulations change four times on a 4 mile stretch.

The regulations cause many folks that like to harvest fish to ignore trout and go to the Mississippi River and catch 25 pan fish instead of three trout.
Almost every land owner I have spoken to in the last 15 years hate the catch and release season.  They see it as wasteful and catering to the catch and release crowd.

I went to the meeting at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve last week and was flabbergasted that if the season is extended early or late that the new extensions will be catch and release only and artificial only.

It is quite obvious to me why people are leaving trout fishing.  There are too many regulations and the bag limit is too low.  Top that off with the mandatory catch and release "rubber stamped" on any extensions to the season.

The WDNR guy at the meeting at the KVR said the stream populations are the best they have been at in the history of the state and he recommends the bag limit being changed from 3 to 5 trout with no size limit in his area???????  Why in the hell do any extensions of the season need to be C/R Only?

If the season are extended they could possibly be opened January 01.  This would be two more months on the already catch and release season.  This would total 4 months of c/r and artificial only in early season.  Then add another month on the end that is c/r only.   This would be 5 months for ALL to fish and 5 months for the c/r folks to fish.  You want to alienate the locals?  Just have them watch for 5 months while the catch and release crowd stumps up and down their streams and they aren't allowed to soak a worm!!!

Open the season on January 01 and close it on October 31.  Open the streams to all anglers.  The c/r are not forced to stay home.  They can still release everything they catch blindly.  This way the family type anglers with little kids learning how to fish would get to fish with worms and keep their catch!!!!


Both days of the weekend are projected to be around 50 degrees during the day and the over night temps are going to be over freezing. Slow melts are better for stream clarity and temperatures.  This happens when the night time temps go below freezing and the melt is slowed over night.  I expect the streams to be blown out on Monday and Tuesday.  The ground is still frozen in most places and this melt on the weekend will go directly in the streams without any soaking in the frozen ground.

Better get out in the next 3 days or it may be a while before you can have any decent fishing.  If you must trout fish try head waters where the water clears much faster.

March 25, 2013

found a large brown on the V!@$% last is still there....Was fishing it today and it was tight to the opposite bank in the sun tucked up under a nod of grass and when it sensed/saw me and it exploded out of its hiding place......Huge commotion/wake/swirl....within 10 yards of where I had it hit last pasture..

I am going to be a little more stealthy the next time on this stretch.