March 15, 2013

Last Year

On this date last year I was on my deck grilling up some Nuremberger and curry wurst and it was 74 degrees.

Rain/Snow Predicted For This Afternoon

The high has also been downgraded to 36 degrees.
Slippery mess will be found.  The smaller waters are fishable for all you diehards.  I will not be going out.

March 14, 2013

Wednesday, March 20 The First Day of Spring 2013

 I believe Mother Nature was not copied on the memo!

Need I Say More?

Your License And Trout Stamp Expire March 31!!!!

 Better get that new license and trout stamp.  Might as well get a great lakes stamp while you are at it!!!

March 13, 2013

Friday Looks Fishable

Headed to some snag infested oxbows on Friday at noon if the water recedes enough.

March 10, 2013

The Big Bad Wolf

My friend Dan Braun was trout fishing in Central Richland County and stumbled upon these weird "large" tracks.  The number of toes just didn't wash with any known big animal in the area.  With some research and asking around I believe I determined what made the tracks and the reason for the odd number of toes.
While they are stalking something, wolves are very deliberate and slow in their movement.  They typically step with their back paws right into the front footprints to minimize the sound created by numerous steps breaking through the crusty snow.

Wolves typically walk in a straight line and don't wander like dogs do.  One of my friends live in the area the photos were taken in.  He is a predator hunter and while coyote calling he has called in three large wolves.  One has a tracking radio collar.  He believes a pack has established itself in central Richland County.

I don't know about you, but the more I learn the more scared I get.  A large wolf in stalk mode on my trout streams makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I now will be listening much closer when I go fishing.

Photos by: Dan Braun