February 01, 2013

Rockbridge on the point

photo from a couple Falls ago when my daughter Anna was about 5 foot nothing.  It was before her growth spurt and before she decided her hair looked better black.

January 30, 2013

More On Gill Lice

email to Matt Mitro TODAY:

I am wondering about stocking brook trout in streams with know Gill Lice infections?

Would it not only make sense to NOT put healthy brook trout in infected streams?

Any stocking should be done in streams with NO reported infections?

Maybe brown trout should be stocked again?

Len Harris


Matt's response


These are all important questions. I don't think we have the data yet, however, to adequately answer all of these questions right now.

Host density (brook trout in this case) is a significant factor in whether or not gill lice become epizootic (infection rates rising to epidemic proportions). But it is likely not the only factor. We are trying to figure out what those other factors are.

Brown trout co-occurring with brook trout may be an important factor. One hypothesis is that brown trout may be effecting locally-high densities in brook trout. That is, brown trout may be pushing brook trout into locally-higher densities than may have occurred otherwise had brown trout not been present. If that is the case, then that would be one more reason not to stock brown trout on top of brook trout if we desire to keep brook trout in the stream.

The questions you raise are another reason why we need to compile data on gill lice presence and absence. Until we have those data, we cannot adequately implement such a stocking strategy.


January 28, 2013

"The Stream Of Time" Available On Amazon!

My book is now available on Amazon.


A photo from long ago

One of the first times I fished with John Armstrong.

Photo was taken on a throw away camera.

John was looking in his photo album.

John wants to come fishing in Wisconsin and reminiscing.

January 27, 2013

34 Days Before Opener

Andy Kurth and I are going after a really big girl opening morning.
 Andy caught this one in the hole above.  He lost one that dwarfed this 23 inch male brown from the same hole.
 We will not be going out at the crack of dawn because that is counter productive in early season.  The water is too cold and the trout don't feed well when the water is too cold.
I know the exact stretch we are going to fish.
The stretch has some amazing holes.
I would imagine Andy will be throwing a tandem rig with this fly part of it for sure.
Me I am predictable.  I will be fishing the deep slow runs with my tried and true opener.
Early season water is usually clear so I will opt for the all gold size 9 panther deluxe.