January 16, 2013

Joe Chadwick Mentoring Local Child

 Kaiden Olson and Joe Chadwick of Soliders Grove were fishing on the Mississippi River today with tip ups.  They both scored a nice pike. Kaiden is six years old and son of Sarah Olson of Soliders Grove, WI.

You Keep Those Brookies And Stocked Bows

This is what I seek.

January 15, 2013

Are You Prepared For Trout Opener?

The weather could be terrible on March 02, 2013 for Wisconsin small stream trout opener.  Many angler get their rods and reels ready and forget the gear they need for themselves.

Layering in March season is important.  You can always take layers off but if you are under dressed you can not add layers.  All of those layers need to be topped off with a water proof coat.  Your rain coat will do.  Always....always take a complete extra set of clothing with you in early season in case you fall in the water.  A wading belt for your waders is an absolute must.  It will keep that frigid out of your waders if you fall in.  It will also keep you afloat if you step off in to deep water.

There are many warming products on the market.  I like the hot hands products.  There are many sizes.  The smaller ones fit perfectly in to the backside of your fingerless gloves.  A bigger one in each inside pocket of your fleece liner of your waders is also advised.   A good fleece cap can be augmented by putting a hot hands packet under your cap.  The hot hands products are cheap and I fill my pockets with them during early season.

I love the knee high wool socks also.  Be careful during early season.  Don't walk a really long distance from your vehicle.  Last thing that is a must these days is cellphone that is turned off and strictly used for emergencies.  It should be fully charged the night before and placed in an inside pocket so the cold weather will not drain the battery.  It also needs to be placed in a zip lock bag.  Tight lines all!!!!!