September 22, 2013

Another Wisconsin Small Stream Trout Season Comes To An End

Wisconsin small stream trout season ends September 30th.  It opens again on the first Saturday of March.  This a 5 month closed season.

Minnesota opens on January 01 and Iowa stays open year round.  Wisconsin is the only state in the Driftless Area with such a restrictive season.

The opponents of lengthening the season says it will interfere with bow hunting and may cause anglers to wade on the trout breeding grounds.  The wading part could be rectified by only keeping the season open until October 31.  Trout have not started spawning yet.  Opening the season January 01 interferes with no other outdoor activity and the spawning is all done by then.

We did have a January season a long time ago but special interest groups said the winter months caused the large trout to congregate and made them easier to catch.  The squeaky wheel groups got their way and the season opens now the first Saturday of March.  There was not data collected to support this change.

I recently heard a WDNR person say that the trout population of our area was at an all time high.  Trout density means less food to grow and trout will be stunted.  We will have lots of trout and the majority will be little.

Rule changes are needed and seasons need to be evaluated for possible lengthening.

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