January 04, 2013

A Bouquet Of Wisconsin Wildflowers

Winter is here to stay for at least 2 more months.   The wind chills are in the negative numbers at night.   Lots of folks out there have the flu or a bad cold.  To all of you sick folks and sick of Winter folks I give you a bouquet of Wisconsin wildflowers.  Hang in there you all.  These were all taken in southern Wisconsin.  Can you smell them?

January 03, 2013

Male Or Female Trout

Female trout grow faster than male trout.  The same age male and female mature small stream brown trout can vary as much as 2-3 inches in length.    The female brown and brook trout are typically less colorful than their male suitors.  This is to hide them from the predators better when reproducing.  Male trout take on much brighter colors when spawning is near.
Female Browns above

Male Browns above

There are two other trout types in our local water.   There is the super rare tiger trout.  Tiger are a hybrid cross between a male brook and female brown.
Female Tiger
Male Tiger

   The other trout in our area streams is the rainbow trout.   The WDNR stocks rainbows in the area.  They do not naturally reproduce.   Some of the rainbows are brooders that are worn out breeding stock.   Most of these are extra large trout.   Some rainbows are pond escapees.   Many folks in love with out west idolize rainbow trout because that is the predominant strain out there and they put them in their ponds around here.
Female Rainbow Brooder
Male Rainbow Brooder

It is very hard to tell the gender of trout when they are young.  At age two years old the signs of what gender they are comes out.  Female adult trout typically have much shorter snouts and the snouts are rounded.   When a male trout gets older it develops a hooked jaw on the bottom.   This characteristic is called a kype in the trout world.   The male's head is typically more pointed and elongated.   Not always do the males have a kyped jaw.   This kype is more pronounced in fall.
Male Brook Trout
Female Brook Trout

Male or Female?


January 01, 2013

Two Months Until Opener!!!

 The five month closed season truly drags on.   I see closing the season for the trout to spawn but I see zero reason to have it closed in the month of October/January/February.

I also think the mandatory catch and release season needs to be done away with .  The vast majority of trout anglers these days release the minimum of 90 percent of their catch. The mandatory catch and release season does not allow for the people who like to harvest trout to participate.

Season should open January 01 and close October 31.  No catch and release "only" season.